How To Use Recruitment Marketing To Attract Top Talent


Recruiting top talent in today’s marketplace is massively different than in the years past. Today, this process is sometimes called recruitment marketing. With the advent of the internet and social media, it is no longer difficult to get top quality job applicants even if you are just starting your own company. Here are some tips on how to leverage modern digital marketing in the process of recruiting top talent in your line of business.

Use an Applicant Tracking App

Since you are just opening up a business, it will really help if you will use an appropriate ATS or applicant tracking system. It is very difficult for a startup to develop a system that will make its recruitment process easier. Yes, you can develop your own system but why go into all the trouble when there are already a number of free apps for that purpose?

There are many things that you need to measure when trying to recruit top talents in your startup. These apps can help you quicken the process since you already have a ready system that will help you each step of the way. Most ATS have useful metrics that you will be able to use to track qualified applicants. And if you couple it with the data from Amazon selling statistics, you’ll be able to use both resources to your advantage.

Take Advantage of Social Media

A majority of millennials are avid users of social media. They use different platforms for varied purposes including that of job hunting. You can leverage this venue if you are seeking to hire top quality job hunters.

Most social media platforms require their subscribers to include their social media profiles. This is an area that you may want to consider. By looking at the social media profiles of possible job candidates, you can search for top talents specifically fitted to the kind of business that you are starting.

You can also use your social media network and your own account to announce your need for certain talents. This is what you may call targeted advertising, where your chances of getting your message to the right individuals are higher. One social media platform that you can utilize for this purpose is LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are two social media platforms that you can use as well.

Make Your Web Page More Exciting to Job Seekers

Your window to the world is your website. And when it comes to recruiting top talents in this digital marketing age, you must have a career web page that gets the undivided attention of job hunters. Make this page friendlier to job seekers by designing an application process that is both easy and quick. If you design this page with the ease and comfort of the job seekers’ in mind, more of them will knock on your door.

Some of the things that you may want to add to your digital marketing career page are things like shortcodes that job seekers can use to text their messages, a window where they can chat with someone in your company, and similar items. If a job seeker finds that there is someone on the other side who is ready to answer his queries right away, your start-up will be able to attract top-quality candidates.

Develop a Strong and Attractive Employer Brand

In order to attract top talent in your business, you need to have a strong and attractive Employer Brand. Ask yourself this question: is your company attractive enough to a high-quality job seeker? A study revealed that about 72 percent of companies which are regarded as leaders in the field of job recruitment believe that employer branding plays a major role in hiring top quality job seekers.

Since you are just starting your business, you need to invest a good deal of money to create a good company image. Your digital marketing efforts must be geared towards projecting a good reputation designed to attract top quality job hunters. Three of the areas where you need to put your money into for this purpose are print media, social media platforms, and your company website.

Personalize Your Recruitment Process

Even in the digital world, you can still personalize things. This will bring you closer to the hearts of your intended market. In terms of recruitment, you can, therefore, personalize your recruitment process to make your company attractive to top quality job candidates.

One way of doing this is by understanding your target market and then sending them personalized email messages. Then nurture these candidates through your email communication until the recruitment process bears fruit.

Crunch Your Data

You may have the right data from sources such as Amazon selling statistics, but you still need to use them effectively. In other words, use this data, along with other company data that you may have, to determine where your recruitment process is weak and where you need to make more improvements. Always evaluate your information while you are on your recruitment stage and eventually you will come up with the right formula in attracting top quality job hunters in your line of business.


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