5 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Routine


Like many people, you no doubt struggle to get your workout routine to stick. All it can take is a quick change to your schedule or your day, and all of your progress grinds to a halt. Worried that might be you? Then there are some useful tips for making sure you stick to the routine day-in, day-out.

1.      Set a Regular Workout Time

First off, set a regular time that you will workout at. Some people prefer to do in the morning, others at night. You will have a personal preference, too. So, keep that in mind and you can then spend more time enjoying a workout as you know that you have made time in the schedule to fit it in.

A bit of regularity will go the long way to making sure that you stick to the routine. When you try to fit it in when you can, it’s easy to make excuses and miss out. Set a regular workout time, and stick to it.

1.      Find Exercise that You’ll Enjoy

Just like anything else in life, you will be far more likely to enjoy the workout experience if you actually do something you enjoy. If you are not someone who enjoys weight-lifting, and you do not want to get a build-up and bulked, then avoid them. Do more cardio and find something that allows you to work on what you do wish to improve.

You might want to become fitter, so you could go for more runs. You might wish to be more flexible, so you could some yoga instead. Always take the time to find an exercise that out actually find fun, and you will be much more likely to engage in the exercise and come out the other side in a positive mood. We often recommend that you do this as when your exercises start to become a grind, you can easily convince yourself to just give up and stop. Also, it is important to have proper footwear when working out as it can help protect you against any injuries. Good thing that there is ShoeAdviser, a site that can help you choose the right shoes for your workout and will provide you with unbiased reviews and guides on different footwear.

2.      Don’t Skip Warming Up and Cooling Down

For some reason, a lot of people manage to ruin their workout by not warming-up and cooling down. You will start to miss out on workout benefits as you will make it much more likely that you will get injured. Without a warm-up, your muscles are basically getting pushed to breaking point from a standing start. Think how much more likely they are to snap, break, or otherwise take some kind of damage. Keep that in mind, as many people forget about warming up properly.

You’ll be more likely to stick to your workout if you are avoiding injury. Injury tends to be an easy way to break your routine, so be sure to take the time to keep warming-up and cooling down. It might seem like a simple thing to do, but your body will really benefit from the extra flexibility and durability that your warmed-up/cooled-down muscles and bones benefit from. Investing in a best foam roller is also a big plus as it will make all the difference in relieving pain you experience after a stressful workout and it’s also great for a warm-up.

4.      Break Your workout into Smaller Chunks

A lot of the time, we will stop our workout because we cannot fit it all in at one session. If you are someone who finds it hard to keep on doing our workouts, then set a little bite-sized chunk time for each. Maybe instead of trying to 30 minutes to an hour, you could do two to four 15-minute sessions. That might be easier to fit into the day than you would if you tried to do it all at once.

A lot of people benefit from breaking their workout down into these kinds of portions, as it tends to leave you with a lot more time to just keep at it and maintain a high level of performance. If you feel like your standards are slipping as you cannot do the full amount of exercise as you go, then you should take it into smaller sections.

It’s better to take a bit more time to do the exercise right than it is to save time but limit your performance. If you need to split up those exercises, you will at least make sure that you get more quality exercise done. Quality is always better than quantity, especially when exercising.

5.      Eat Healthy Breakfast

Lastly, make sure that you fuel your workout all the time with the right breakfast. If you are a morning person and you choose to do your workout in the morning, you might find it a bit tough to get going. The reasons why are simple: if you are not fuelled with a good breakfast, you will find it hard to maintain high performance.

Finding it hard to eat too little at breakfast? Then try out some HCG injections. They can go a long way to making sure you stop eating so many calories during the day, limiting you to around 500 calories per day. This can really help with avoiding over-eating in the mornings, or throughout the day.

If you are someone who prefers to do you workouts at night, though, a good quality breakfast is still very important. Why? You will need to get to the end of the day still feeling refreshed and energised. If you want to keep up our workout, you should definitely look to spend more time eating a healthy breakfast as it will allow you to get to your point of exercise in a frame of mind to do well.

A good breakfast means that we can get through the stressful parts of our day without the same difficulty. You’ll have the mental and physical energy needed to really crack on and deliver positive results. Best of all? You will be much more likely to benefit from your workout even more by fuelling your body with healthy, nutritious meals!

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