How Men Can Stay Healthy at Work


Believe it or not, the average person spends ⅓ of their lifetime at work. It’s said that our health is our wealth, which is why it’s crucial to be mindful of it, even while we’re on the clock. We all know self-care can help us achieve our career goals, so in light of Men’s Health Month, celebrated throughout the month of June, we wanted to share some ways in which guys can maintain their health while at work. Whether you sit behind a desk or spend your day on a construction site, read on for tips you can follow in order to feel great both mentally and physically throughout your work day.

Get Your Steps In

If you work in an office, at times you may feel glued to your desk for hours. There may even be days you’re so busy you can’t even break for lunch. While a sedentary job can leave you feeling mentally exhausted, it’s crucial you find some time during your day to get some steps in. Simple changes such as using the stairs instead of the elevator or traveling to a different floor to take a restroom break will help get your blood pumping and can even provide you with more energy to power through the day. Getting physical helps release stress which can prevent breakouts, improve your mood, and in combination with a treatment like sildenafil, even help increase your libido. Overall, incorporating exercise into your daily routine can positively impact your work life as well as your personal life.

Meal Prep

While it may seem time-consuming, prepping meals and snacks to bring along with you to work can save you both in calories and money. Let’s face it, working is exhausting and the last thing you want to do when you finally get home is make your lunch for the following day. However, by taking that extra step, you’re saving yourself from constantly dining out or grazing on the pastries left over from the morning meeting. The good news is, there are plenty of recipes for “lazy meal prep,” that provide shortcuts for those who don’t want to spend their entire Sunday afternoon chopping vegetables.

Bonus Tip: In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, be sure to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day. If you have trouble keeping track of your h2o intake, invest in this bottle that does it for you!  

Keep Your Workstation Clean

Maintaining a clean work area benefits both the mind and body. Keeping items on your desk or work space dust free reduces sneezing, especially if you’re prone to allergies, as well as preventing any germs from hanging around long enough to get you sick. Getting in the habit of tidying up also positively impacts your mental health as staying organized is crucial when it comes to productivity. Consider setting aside some time each day, whether it be in the morning, right before you leave for the day or both, to do a cleanliness check in your space. That way, you’ll start and end your day in an area you feel happy and healthy working in. If you have a filing cabinet, store sanitizing wipes and other cleaning products inside, or ask an office manager if the company keeps any supplies on hand for employee use.

Following these simple steps can help increase the chances of you staying healthy at work while observing Men’s Health Month as well as the entire year. Exercise, nutritious meals and a clean work space are just a few of the factors that contribute to good health and productivity at work!


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