From lackluster office décor to irritating office jargon: The biggest office complaints


Do you and your coworkers roll your collective eyes at certain aspects of your office culture or the particular business that you’re in. It happens: There are all parts of work that drive us nuts and that seem not to make sense. And of course, you and your coworkers might think that you’re the only ones that feel this way about your office or the work you do, but you’d be wrong. That’s what a survey of office culture discovered, at least.

Part of what you might complain about isn’t actually the work itself, but the office setup. In fact, lack of privacy is a huge issue for people who work: Over one-third of us want more of it and we’re not getting enough of it. That lack of privacy might lend itself to the second complaint, which is noise. Again, there’s too much of the noise and too few ways of mitigating it in order to get work done.

Those are big things, of course, but there are little things as well that get under our skin. Ever complained that it is too hot or too cold? If you answered yes, then you share that complaint with other people who work (and don’t office next to you). And our frustration with the slowness of the technology we depend on drives us crazy, too. What else matters? This graphic from Quill explains all of it.

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