Getting Your Message Across: Foundational Principles to Creating a Mission Statement and Promoting Your Message


Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “communication is the key to success,” several times. Well, it’s the ugly truth. Whether it’s a business communication or you want to pass a personal message; you must ensure that you give the right message and that it properly reaches the intended audience.

Your mission is one of the most effective ways of explaining who you are, what you believe in and what you support. It is a reflection of what you or your business stands for. And you should, therefore, take your time to craft the best. It tends to simplify and summarize the message you are trying to pass across. It could be a business mission; which gives a summary of the products and services offered and explains your principles just in a few words. The more reason it has to align perfectly with your values and purpose.

For you to successfully get your message across and, perhaps achieve your intended goals, there are quite several crucial principles that you should take into consideration. Fortunately for you, this guide contains all the principles necessary to achieve this. Please read on.

What Are the Principles of a Mission Statement?

1. Understand What Makes a Good Mission Statement?

How can you come up with a strong mission statement? Well, it’s simple. For starters, you must understand what message you want to pass. To do this, you should start by listing your strengths and what makes you different from others. Then list your weaknesses and, most importantly, where you wish to improve. This will also help you determine whether you are satisfied with where you are currently. The following are some of the determinants of a good mission statement:

    • Value – the mission statement should communicate your values and what you strongly support.
    • Inspiration – try and inspire people to push harder. Show them what keeps you going.
    • Specificity – how exactly does the statement relate to you?
    • Plausibility –is it reasonable?

2. Write a Short and Clear Statement

A concise statement is enough to sum up your mission or message. You don’t need to write a whole paragraph for your audience to get what you are trying to communicate. ‘Hard work is the key to success, do not panic, keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel.’ Such are a few examples of short but clear messages. In the same manner, you have to make the mission statement as perfectly memorable as possible, which can be almost an impossibility if you write an essay.

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3. Be Creative

One of the principles of passing information is creativity. If you wish to be remembered and you want the message recipients to remember the message and carry it wherever they go, you must be creative when crafting it.

4. Know Your Target Audience

If you want to inspire, you must know the demographics of the people you want to encourage. By this, you should note the age bracket, lifestyle, and occupation of the audience. Outline what you wish to achieve by describing your vision. How can you convey your message appropriately and appealingly? You must look for a unique and attractive way to express your mission statement in a way that you will attract the intended group.

5. Think Long-Term Effect

Think of your mission statement as a type of investment, and you probably want your legacy to remain for the longest time possible, right? Well, ensure it is open enough so it can reflect your long-term goals. Also, ensure it is not too limiting. If it is a business mission statement, ensure it covers various regions and not limited to just one.

6. The Statement Should Be Feasible

By a feasible statement, it means that you should aim high, but be realistic as well. People should find it credible and achievable. Therefore, do not tell people to do what they cannot comfortably handle. Simple.

7. Make it Distinctive

The statement should not discriminate others in terms of age, gender, business or social class, and lifestyle among other factors. Instead, show your values to all. It should aim to have a positive impact on all the readers than discriminate some.

8. It Should Offer a Strategy

Your mission statement should give readers a strategy they can adapt to achieve the outlined goals. Do some research and see what people are mostly looking for. You may check online to know the kind of inspiration they could be looking for. This information will be vital when developing a comprehensive mission statement that can get them exactly what they want. And this will be your success as well. What more would you wish for?

9. Always Try to Be Present

You should try to make the mission statement about the present rather than past or future events. It should be telling people who you are today and what you support but not what you were or who you’re hoping to be soon.

10. Be Flexible

Your beliefs may change over time, and things around you could change, too. Your current mission statement may not be valid anymore and, therefore, you should be ready to make some changes in your new statement.

11. It should be motivational

The statement’s primary goal is to motivate the readers. Inspire them to do more and better. Give them a reason to keep pushing forward and harder amidst the challenges.


There are different ways of making a statement. Ensure that you select the most effective and convincing mode. Consider what people love and what they are likely to remember more. Make it simple and natural. The aim is to inspire yourself, and the readers, and that can only be achieved through determination and simplicity. Follow these principles to the latter when getting your message across and rest assured of a successful mission. You can also refer to other relevant design & inspirational blogs for more useful information. Good luck!

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