12 Trends Changing the Corporate Training Landscape in 2019


With the need to remain competitive, the need for training to adopt various professional developments in the market is high now more than ever.

Corporate training programs have earned much popularity in improving employers ability to understand the needs of employees and recognize talent. Additionally, they impart learners with skills and knowledge to propel companies forward and compete with their counterparts. Now get certified and improve your career.

However, the corporate training landscape has undergone many changes to ensure maximum productivity. To retain your productivity and improve your profession as a corporate trainer here is the top 12 trends in corporate training programs.

1. E-learning

Many corporate training programs are going digital to ensure that employees can develop their skills and still attend to work. With online training, learners can acquire vital elements from a training program at their convenience.

With e-learning, learners can set their own goals and schedule classes. Also, unlike traditional learning and development, e-learning allows learners to engage in distant learning thus running their work efficiently.

2. Personalized classes

To impart crucial knowledge to learners, you must understand their capabilities. As such, you can pass vital information in a manner they relate to. For this, corporate training programs are adopting a method whereby they relate lessons to the employees work environment, strengths, and weaknesses.

With personalized training, the lessons address the issues from an employee’s perspective thus enabling them to handle various problems.

3. Gamification

Among activities that many millennials engage in games rank among the top on the list. Gamification engages learners in a method they subscribe to thus efficiently imparting knowledge. Also, games place learners in real life scenarios thus ensuring they can handle various issues in real life.

Due to the reward system of games, learners can notice areas of their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they can address these topics thus increasing their overall productivity.

4. Continuous learning opportunities

With many changes in the business world now and then, the corporate training landscape keeps improving to cover the content. Owing to the need for employees to be well versed with the trending the market, learners keep engaging in online classes. This ensures that a company is on par with competition needs and maximum productivity among employees.

5. Use of stories

Corporate training programs know the impact of storytelling on imparting information. Storytelling allows trainers to virtualize various situations and the right action to take to maximize the benefits. To make this even more productive, use real-world occurrences that your learner can relate to.

6. Concise lessons

With multiple tasks to be attended to, it may seem impossible to get certified and improve your career. With this in mind, training programs offer economical solutions to real life problem thus enabling you to tackle key facts even in a limited amount of time. With this, employees can learn answers to questions on the spur of the moment and boost productivity.

7. Responsive design with corporate training programs

With the varied array of devices, the corporate training platform should be easily accessible from any device. A responsive website ensures that you do not limit your learners to particular devices hence making it readily available for every learner.

8. Online reports and analytics

To create personalized classes for individuals in various corporate training careers, vetting their skills is paramount. For this, there are online tools that track the productivity of employees and pinpoints the areas they are weak at.

This allows you to provide details that address their weak areas, therefore, improving their productivity. Owing to this fact, it is paramount to find a detailed learning management system that is rich in analytics features.

9. Mentorship programs

In the corporate training landscape, the need for collaboration of learners is growing. As such, the number of online mentorship programs has been increased to share experiences in the workplace. With mentorship programs, various learners contribute to the community thus covering a wide range of issues.

10. Life coaching

To get the best solutions to problems in the corporate world, consulting seasoned individuals is

critical. As such, employers are engaging trainers in their real life thus boosting their productivity and making optimal decisions.

11. Investing in communication

Being a crucial part of every business activity, it is paramount to be well versed with the soft skills for communication. Good communication makes it easy to negotiate and engage other employees and employers, therefore, boosting the productivity of a company. By acquiring social skills, the communication within a company structure increases; thus, averting problems that may lead to loses.

12. Augmented reality

The popularity of augmented reality is at its highest point now more than ever. This provides simulations of real-life events thus putting a learner at a situation that is closest to real life. This gives them experience on how to go about various issues and maximize their productivity and that of the company.

A common trend in the market is the need to get certified and improve your career. The above trends offer a good signal on the trajectory the corporate training landscape is taking. To succeed as a corporate trainer for an organization, ensure that you engage the trends in your operations.

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