The Top Three Reasons Why You Need a Fulfilment Service for Your E-Commerce Requirements


Once your customers place an order on your company’s website, the order fulfilment process begins. You are then tasked with fulfilling this order – which means making sure that the right product is selected by your team, ensuring the proper packaging of the product, ensuring its safe and secure distribution, and answering any queries your customer may have.

But fulfilling all these requirements can take a lot of time and effort, and if your business is mostly done online and you don’t have the proper facilities and warehouse for your products, you can be in for quite a challenge in regard to order fulfilment. But more businesses are turning to fulfilment services for the simple reason that these fulfilment services take the burden of order fulfilment from them, making the entire process much easier to handle. Businesses should look for an order fulfillment company that provides same-day fulfillment. Here are the top reasons why you need a fulfilment service for your e-commerce requirements.

  • Greater flexibility

Your business is selling more – and that’s always welcome, of course. But you may also be experiencing more challenges with this surge in sales, especially if you’re dealing with a special season such as Christmas and holidays such as Easter and so on. If you need to appropriately respond to higher-than-normal orders, you would need to hire more workers, invest in more equipment, and perhaps even rent more warehouse space. But what happens when the surge in sales once again goes back to its normal levels? What will you do with all your additional workers and staff, equipment, and storage space?

With a fulfillment service, you no longer need to hire your own workers and train them as well as buy equipment and rent space. The fulfillment service will take care of all of these aspects for you, and once the sales surge is over, you don’t have the hassle of having extra equipment and staff. If you need help in finding a fulfillment service company, you can check out.

  • A reduction in shipping expenses

Ask any customer who has purchased something online, and they will readily agree that free shipping is always a big draw. If you can provide free shipping to your customers, you can certainly give them a better deal. But how can you offer such a service without losing profit yourself? Through a fulfilment service, of course. Fulfilment services have or are connected to a wide range of distribution facilities and warehouses throughout the country and even globally, which can significantly decrease your shipping expenses to the point where you can provide free shipping to your customers. When you choose a fulfilment company, ask them if they have a national or international distribution infrastructure, so you can benefit from discounts on shipping (especially in regards to bulk deliveries).

  • Free up your time to focus on other goals

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a fulfilment service is this: it allows you to free up your time so that you can focus on other core tasks and goals. Additionally, the process of fulfilling an order can be a complex one, so if you are not well-versed in it, it can be easy to make mistakes and end up with a dissatisfied customer. But if you depend on a fulfilment service to do the sorting, packing, sending, and distribution for you, you can concentrate on other goals which can help your business grow.

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  1. I would see the flexibility aspect being huge Chantal. I worked for what is the #1 software reseller on earth, 20 years ago. Well before they reached #1, the WWF fulfillment warehouse did wonders for overnighting stuff really fast, keeping customers happy.

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