How To Be Organized At Work? Follow These 6 Tips Now


For many people organization is synonym of a problem. Either because they are born with lack of organization or because the job is so overwhelming and demanding that people simply cannot focus and remain organized. Papers continue to pile up, emails keep arriving to your mailbox and the boss is distributing new tasks.

Organization is one of the secrets, among many others, of productivity. Once our attention travels from task to task, without even finishing them properly, the performance of the worker can suffer. However, if you can remain calm, take a deep breath and define priorities all this organization issue will become your allied instead of your enemy.

Follow the tips bellow and find yourself as the Cristiano Ronaldo of organization, at your workplace.

  • Planning and organizing tasks/deadlines

Make sure you have all the information needed towards a task or a deadline. What you must do, when to deliver, to whom and how. Think yourself a bit as of a journalist and question the task itself to understand it better. Then, write it down on a planner. You can also use Google Calendar, a timetable on Word or even an agenda. Consult this information regularly or if you choose Google Calendar, for example, it will keep on sending you alerts and notifications, so you won’t forget anything.

  • One task at a time. No to the multitasking!

This one might sound a bit controversial. Nevertheless, going back and forth between several tasks slow your brain and will make you lose focus. Additionally, stress will start to hit you and concentration will be harder to reach. One task at a time and you succeed faster.

  • Be good to your brain and take breaks

Who never felt guilty for taking a break while other workers are permanently working? It is well known that during daydreaming your brains boosts creativity and frees your mind. To keep sane and organized, forget about the guilt! You need your time to release your brain from the hard work. After a break you will have the ability of keeping the continuous work healthier.

  • Organize your workspace

You should have everything you need within reach. Take a full list of the materials you usually need and preserve them close. If you do this, organization will improve, and you won’t lose anytime trying to find these tools. Clutter is a distraction and the piles of the paper you don’t need for that day or task should go somewhere else. Following this rule will make your workspace more functional and as result your tasks will flow better.

  • Turn off the notifications of your phone and avoid internet distractions

Do you find yourself pretending you are working and instead you end up in an internet page of memes or new fashion trends? Is your partner or friend always calling you, interrupting the progress of your tasks? There is a solution for that. Keep focus and turn off notifications on your phone, social media or any other kind of device that could lead into distraction.

  • Get enough rest and sleep

Indeed! This is another major secret to a healthy brain and to accomplish organization. If you have a good rest and sleep, your brain will be ready for a new day of focus. Once you step out of your work place, take time to yourself, exercise, have fun and release the stress from the day you had. Taking tasks and problems home won’t result in any solution. It will turn the other way around. It will make you anxious and stressed about the tomorrow. Live always in the present!

When Monday hits back again, make sure you don’t forget these six tips for an easier way to overcome laziness, distractions and lack of organization. Apply these guidelines to your everyday life and become a more professional and achiever worker in your job.


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  1. One task at a time guys! Listen to Chantal. I barely use my phone and check email little, 2 chief multi tasking errors tripping up folks, eating into efficiency. I create, connect and do 1 thing at a time. Easy way to be organized.

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