Preparing Your Employees to Join a Trade Show and Advertise Your Company


Getting an invitation to join a trade show is an honour. It shows that the organisers see the potential in your business. They want you to take part in the event because you have a chance to be the next big deal in the industry.

Being a part of the event also provides you with an opportunity to engage directly with people. You will find potential customers and partners during the event. You need the best employees to set up your booth and help in advertising your business.

Find strong public speakers

You need someone who can relay the information well to other people. Find employees who are self-confident and will not hesitate to speak about what your company can offer. It is also easier training someone who already knows about the goods to connect with a lot of people than someone who is yet to try talking to a large crowd.

Enhance their social skills

These shows could last for an entire day. Some events could even be for three days. Throughout the period, you need someone who can sustain the energy and remain connected to the people. You want someone who will treat each person going into the both with glee and excitement. It might be tiring, but it is possible. Training these employees to improve their social skills and ability to connect with many people will prepare them for a rigorous 3-day event.

Use the right marketing tools

You cannot count on the employees’ words alone to boost your company. You also need to provide them with tools. Besides, not everyone can come to the booth and talk to the representatives. They might want to get information through brochures and flyers. It helps if you print them for the event. You can also have a pop up display outside the booth to give a summary of information that potential customers need. Do not forget the phone number and link to your website if they need to find out more about what you can offer.

Train your employees to maximise the use of these tools too. You want them to speak directly to the customers while using the print ads as props to further explain about your company.

Do not forget to be nice

The most important reminder to your employees is always to be nice. The moment they set foot in the event, they are not only presenting themselves, but they are also representing your company. If they are impolite or rude to the people, it reflects on your brand. Many people might think that your business is not worth patronising. They will even spread the word to their friends. Worse, they will post videos online regarding the interaction, and it could go viral. Taming such negative voices would be extremely challenging.

With proper training and preparation, you can make your chosen employees fully prepared for the job. They will feel honoured to represent your company and do their best to entice potential customers.



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