When (Not) to Listen to Your Customer


Everybody has heard the phrase “the customer is always right,” and no one can deny why it’s important to listen and respond to your customers.

In doing so, you build relationships and trust between people and your business. It would be nearly impossible to grow or improve if you didn’t. Happy customers become loyal brand advocates.

By demonstrating that you hear what your customers are saying and that you’re willing to address their concerns, customers are more willing to accept your future messaging.

However, the customer may not always know what they want. When should you listen to them and when should you follow your business instincts? This could mean ignoring the feedback you receive.

While you can’t completely disregard what your customers are telling you, digging into your customer feedback can help uncover their true needs and wants.

In order to make the most of your customer feedback, filter out the key insights, act on the important takeaways and disregard anything that may hinder your growth. For actionable tips and inspiring entrepreneurial examples, view the infographic by Valpak below.


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  1. 100% I follow my intuition, to blog inside-out, Chantal. The customer often has no idea how to innovate, being anchored to the past. Our job is to innovate, to disrupt, to follow our heart and to change the world, un-anchoring folks, waking and shaking them up.

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