Where You’re Losing Productivity Each Day And What To Do About It


Where You're Losing Productivity Each Day And What To Do About It

Most people lose productivity hours in their lives one way or another – but if you know you’re losing a ton of productivity and you want to do something about it, you’re in the right place. Many people admit to wasting up to 5 hours (sometimes more) of time each day. Just imagine what we could do if we had that extra time! You may have heard the phrase ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ but if we plan and schedule our time accordingly, there would usually be more than enough to do everything we wanted to do.

Now, with that in mind, let’s take a look at where you’re losing productivity each day and what you can do about it.

You’re Not Managing Your Energy Levels

First of all, if you’re trying to manage your time rather than your energy levels, you could be fighting a losing battle. Your energy levels are absolutely everything to your success. Knowing when you are at your most energetic ensures you know when to do your high energy tasks, and knowing when you’re not so energetic gives you a time to schedule your lower energy tasks. Your working day will thank you for this.

Improve your energy levels by staying hydrated, eating healthy, balanced foods, and getting plenty of sleep each night. Be consistent.


Having regular breaks is important, and can help memory retention and productivity amongst other things. However, if you’re not scheduling your breaks or timing them, then you’re likely wasting time. You can’t feel guilty about having a break, but you should be honest with yourself.

Social Media/Emails

Social media and emails are an important part of certain jobs and businesses, but you should have set times for checking and responding so you don’t get side tracked while doing something important. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole and start scrolling mindlessly either, as this hinders your productivity and fogs your brain.

Doing Tasks That You Could Outsource/Automate

If you’re still doing tasks that you could be outsourcing or automating, you’re wasting time. You can click here to check out JungoHR if you want to save time and put it towards other important tasks, or you could look into hiring a freelancer to help you get things done. You don’t have to do absolutely everything yourself.

Not Being Able To Say ‘No’

Not being able to say no to people can make you seem like a kind and thoughtful person, but being too helpful can mean you don’t get everything done that you want to get done. You need to be selfish sometimes and be clear about what’s best for you. And, you can do it with tact, kindness, and in a way that makes the other person feel good about themselves. You can learn more about how to say no here.

An Environment That Doesn’t Support Your Growth

If you’re working in an environment that doesn’t support your growth, you’re not going to enjoy your work. Whether this is your office, a home office, or somewhere else, the environment you work in should be suitable. Plants, natural light, healthy refreshments, and similar things can make working much better.

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