An Introvert’s Guide to the Office Party


Do you feel daunted at the prospect of office parties? You’re not alone. Social gatherings with colleagues are tricky territory for anyone. But for introverts, even the most informal get-togethers can be uncomfortable.

From striking up conversation with people you barely know to the pressure of making a good impression on your boss, office parties can be anxiety-inducing for introverts. However, swerving work socials altogether isn’t a solution. Not only do you miss out on the chance to strengthen relationships with your team, you risk being at the back of your boss’ mind when they’re thinking about promotions and pay rises.

There’s nothing wrong with being introverted. Some of the most successful people are self-confessed introverts, including Bill Gates, Meryl Streep and Barack Obama. Introverts usually have an aversion to small talk, a guarded demeanour around large groups of people and prefer solitude to social interaction. These characteristics are often mistaken for rudeness or even arrogance, but it just means that socialising doesn’t come as easy to them as it does to others.

When equipped with the right tools, introverts can learn how to handle work functions and reap the benefits from them, including stronger relationships with colleagues, better chances of being noticed by your manager and increased satisfaction at work.

So if you’re thinking about avoiding your company’s next social event, follow this 18-step survival guide to see you through. This covers what to do before, during and after the party.

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