How to Not Lose Track of Productivity During Hectic Holiday Weeks


Let’s face it: The holidays are a difficult stretch to work and stay productive. There are parties and extra things to do. There are distractions galore. And people are excited and looking forward to gathering with friends and family to celebrate traditions. That may be why December is often found to be one of the least productive months of the whole year. And that lack of productivity leads to costs for businesses as a whole. However, just because studies have found that there might be loss of productivity doesn’t mean there has to be. And there can be other rewards for the workplace, too. For example, those special occasions can be cause for you to create in-office traditions that build teamwork and help with goal setting. And food is one of those great ways that can help you accomplish that. Here’s a graphic to help you with more ideas.

The struggle is real. During December alone, studies show that more than two-thirds of workers report being less productive compared to other months. Employee absenteeism and distraction pose significant costs to the overall economy and your bottom line in particular. Even non-holiday events can have a high cost: The 2017 solar eclipse cost the U.S. an estimated $700 million in lost productivity. For every 14 minutes employees spend shopping online at work during CyberMonday, employers can lose $450 million in productivity/wages.

However, holidays are a reality, as are special events such as the Super Bowl. Instead of fighting them, your workplace and office policies can embrace them. Yes, any of these non-work occasions can temporarily lead to less work getting done at the office. However, your workplace can implement strategies that turn those hectic occasions into opportunities for team-building, goal-setting, deadline completion, and morale-boosting.

Instead of just buffering short-term productivity losses, you can maintain and even boost productivity around holidays. Read on to learn how. Check out this great infographic from

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  1. Offering a healthy lunch before holidays is smart Chantal. Energize people to make them feel productive. Enough with cookies and cakes; much of the world is hefty enough already LOL.

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