Life After Your Thesis


Life After Your Thesis

Perhaps you have been planning for college your whole life or perhaps you really didn’t put a lot of thought into it until your last year of high school. Whether you planned for it, fell into it, or it was expected of you, somehow you now find yourself in the middle of your credits and headed toward a degree. Finally, you found something you love to study and you feel like your future will be filled with days working in the vocation of your dreams. Things are going well, your grades are up, and everyone is proud of you. You may think that you are at the helm of your future and all is set in stone following graduation, but don’t set yourself up for disappointment. After the big day, once again you will find yourself leaving the safe boundaries of the world of education and taking a huge step into reality. Then comes the real set of challenges where you face employment, housing, and finances.

Books To Unemployment

Unless you are set up for an internship, long before graduation you have to pull yourself away from your books and begin the process of finding a job in your chosen career field. It sounds simple enough. You plan to have a degree and perhaps some work experience earned while accomplishing your goal. The hard truth is that even if you are working diligently with your counselor or advisor, getting that job won’t necessarily be as easy as you’d hoped. Don’t let this discourage you, however. All of that studying and hard work will pay off, but the world outside of the classroom may not yield to your will at the onset. If you can be satisfied to take a season to earn your way into your chosen industry, you will learn a great lesson in character building and also develop some practical experience. Capitalize on customer service and administrative skills, as they are universal in all forms of employment.

Home Sweet Roommates

Okay, you have your job lined up either before graduation, or shortly after. Now it’s time to look for your new home close to your job. If you desire to live somewhere, in particular, this may be one thing that is slightly in your control. Pick your chosen city first and then apply for work there. Be aware that even though homes may be available, your finances may not. Again, don’t set yourself up for disappointment by thinking just because you are working now, you can afford your own place. It’s harder than ever due to

Expect to share a flat with friends or even strangers who may become friends as you enjoy the gradual process of moving from dorm rooms to roommates and finally to your own place. If you do find yourself struggling to pay rent and you need a short-term loan, do your research to ensure you choose a financing option that you can trust. Don gayhardt runs a large family of proven financial centers that are happy to work with clients who need a short-term loan.

Credits To Dollars

You know how to plan your class schedule. You know how to count up your credits for graduation. In fact, you probably have used a lot of guidance during the past few years in order to achieve the best possible results. Now it’s time to get serious about your finances. Whether you are exceptional at budgeting and your credit score is high, or you are a struggling student who has just barely made it, you are a prime candidate for a financial advisor. These consultants show you how to plan for your future while you are young.

So don’t sit back and wait to be disappointed. Begin your search for employment, housing, and a solid financial future. Face these challenges head-on and go straight to the head of the class in life as well as in college.


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