Smoothing The Bumps In Your Email Communications


Smoothing The Bumps In Your Email Communications

In days gone by, every customer communication in business took place either face-to-face or over the phone. Either way, you would have to physically speak to every customer you were working with at that time. This had its obvious disadvantages, namely that it was pretty time-consuming. But, it had its benefits, too. By speaking with each customer in the moment, you could ensure speedy service. That’s hard to come by in modern communication techniques.

When you’re interacting with the majority of your customers by email, there’s a space between sending and the customer seeing your message. This means that communications of this type can take upwards of a few days to complete. While you are then free to get on with other tasks, this can start to grate for customers who are after fast service.

That’s why we’re going to focus on how you can streamline your email communications. With a little thought, it’s possible to make interactions like these as smooth as a phone call. Here’s how.

Flag active conversations


When you arrive in the office each day, the chances are that you have a whole inbox of new emails to get through. Ahh, the joys of admin. You then need to work through those new messages before returning to ongoing conversations. If you aren’t careful, then, it could take you half a day to find a message which was sent the evening before. You can bet the customer in question will be at the end of their fuse by then. Make sure that doesn’t happen by flagging your active conversations. This makes them easy to spot, and also ensures they’re stored in a separate folder. This simple action then means you can head to your flagged conversations and avoid the distraction of new enquiries. The simple act of clicking a button could then knock upwards of two-three hours off your response time.

 Back your emails

 It’s also worth turning to Cloud desktops and virtual servers so that you can back up any emails. If you lost access to your email account, you would lose every active conversation you have going. You would also lose the contact information for those customers. In extreme cases, that means losing hundreds in sales. With a Cloud system, you can gain easy access to your emails from any device, all without the need for your email account itself. This would ensure even emergencies couldn’t slow the flow of customer communications.

Use your search feature

At the very least, you should take a physical note of customer email addresses and use your search feature. By searching for messages from these people, you can find them with ease without even needing to add a flag. This also has the benefit of ensuring you can recover emails, even if they’ve been diverted to your junk folder. This happens more often than you may think. The last thing you want is to spend hours scrolling through spam emails. Save yourself the hassle and get searching straight away!

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  1. Good stuff Chantal. I check email infrequently since I am so busy creating helpful content and commenting on blogs. When I do, I love personalizing all interactions to be memorable. Excellent advice here.

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