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If you are interested in pursuing an education within the next few years and are not too sure which major you should choose, consider Agricultural Sciences. Texas A&M University-Commerce has a great program that will help you develop the skills you need to ultimately get a great job in the future. If you have a strong passion for plants and animals, this is an ideal major for you.


An individual who chooses a major in Agricultural Science should possess basic competencies in pest control, basic economics and management, and plant and animal operations. This major requires a total of 120 hours to meet the requirements for graduation. If planned carefully, you should be able to successfully graduate from the program within four years.


The Agricultural Sciences major requires a student to take a wide variety of courses to expose them to the many different aspects of agricultural science. Intro to Agriculture, Professional Agricultural Communications, and Seminar are three of the courses Agricultural Science majors are required to take in order to graduate. Other courses required are Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Introduction to Animal Science, Wildlife Management, and Meat Technology. A student must also take 27 hours of electives to meet the program hours required.

Career Options

There are many great career options available when you graduate with a degree in Agricultural Sciences. A few of these professions include landscape operations, technical and sales positions, food manufacturing and preservation, quality control, and ranch management, among many other career options.

Choose Texas A&M University-Commerce

Agricultural Sciences is a major that exposes students to the different aspects of wildlife. If you are thinking about enrolling in school within the next few years and are not sure which major you should consider, consider majoring in Agricultural Sciences. This is a major that will allow you to graduate on time if you plan your school schedule out the right way. Aside from being able to graduate on time, there are many different career options that are available to you once you graduate. This ultimately ensures that you will not be left with a degree that leaves you wondering what type of job you can get. Whether you are a first time student seeking a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences or if you are a student who has already completed the four year program and is seeking a master’s degree, the Agricultural Sciences major can help land you the job you have always dreamed of. Choose the animal science college in Texas. You will be glad that you did!

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