What You Can do to Reduce Energy Waste in Your Bedroom

What You Can do to Reduce Energy Waste in Your Bedroom

Want to go green in your bedroom? It’s easier than you might think. Although products like your mattress and other furniture may produce waste in manufacturing and disposal, it is possible to minimize the energy waste created by furnishing your bedroom.

  • Choose natural materials.Whenever possible, choose natural materials for your bedroom, including real wood furniture and avoiding highly processed materials including leather, suede, and pressed wood furniture. Minimally processed natural materials require less energy to make and can give your bedroom a more natural vibe.

  • Use low energy light-bulbs. It’s a good idea to turn down your lights at night, but when they’re on, you should be using light bulbs that are easy on the environment. With compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs, you can minimize the energy use of the lights in your bedroom. Additionally, look for light bulbs and light fixture that can be dimmed, so you don’t always have to use full power.

  • Pick eco friendly bedding. Environmentally friendly bedding includes your mattress and sheets. Mattresses, particularly disposed mattresses, have an impact on the environment and can be exceptionally wasteful. Choose a mattress made of natural materials including latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. Your mattress should be durable and well suited to your needs to give you a good night’s sleep, with good durability ratings so you can expect to feel comfortable using it for several years and thus avoid needing to buy (and expend the energy to create) a new mattress.

  • Sleep on eco friendly sheets. Your bed’s sheets can make a difference as well. Look for organic cotton or bamboo sheets for bedding made from a natural, renewable resource. Don’t forget to green your pajamas as well, choosing organic and renewable materials for the clothes you wear to bed.

  • Turn on your fan. It’s a good idea to sleep in a cool bedroom for comfort as you’re sleeping. However, it’s not a good idea to cool down your entire house with central air conditioning if you don’t need to. Why set the thermostat low for the whole house when you just need it for one or a few rooms the entire night? Consider setting your air conditioning to a normal temperature, and using a fan to cool down and distribute air to make you feel more cool and comfortable.

  • Look for environmentally friendly paint and flooring. Look for a paint that has low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful in manufacturing as well as in your home environment. When choosing flooring, look for natural materials such as bamboo or traditional hardwood. It’s a good idea to avoid carpeting in your bedroom, as it is highly processed and can be wasteful in manufacturing.

Going green in your bedroom can pay off by reducing your impact on the environment. It can also be useful for choosing natural, comfortable design and avoiding some of the health and comfort hazards that may come with more highly processed products.

Amy Highland is a sleep expert at SleepHelp.org. She loves taking naps during thunderstorms and cuddling up with a blanket, book, and cats.

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  1. We definitely need low energy bulbs in the room Amy and Chantal. No sense making things too bright, as most of us are simply sleeping in the bedroom, or maybe doing some work. Smart tips here guys.

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