Strategies that Businesses Can Incorporate to Give Back to the Community


Corporate social responsibility is a strategy that requires business organizations to give back to the communities where they are based, or to the regions they have been operating. Helping the community helps an organization to create a harmonious relationship with its customers. Although business social responsibility is seen as a strategy to enhance the reputation of the company, a significant number of market analyst have highlighted that a business that gives back to the community is bound to achieve multiple benefits. Here are some essential strategies that companies can use to give back to the community.

•Helping in Cases of Disasters

Communities are likely to experience disasters some of which are brought through acts of men while others just come naturally. These disasters lead to the destruction of properties, houses, and even injuring or killing some members of the society. A good business that has the welfare of its community at heart can take this opportunity and choose to help the community in this dire circumstances. The company can provide semi-permanent structures where vulnerable members of the community such as women and children can shelter before repairing their homes. A company can also choose to give food to such people as they don’t have anything to eat.

•Free Medical Camps

It is evident that members of the community experience minor medical issues while others are likely to experience complex medical conditions that require much money and immediate treatment. A company that cares for the members of the community could chip in and offer medical help to the members of the society where those with minor medical issues can be treated without paying money. Sometimes an idea can help a community with certain health needs. John Holahan created a product, a palatable liquid thickener, called Simply Thick that has changed the industry. People who have difficulty swallowing have been helped by his idea.

Sponsoring a Local Sports Team

This is a common strategy that is adopted by a significant number of corporations. Assembling youth teams that specialize in a particular sporting activity such as a volleyball team, boxing team, football team, or even a hiking team. The company volunteers to provide everything to the team such as uniforms, finances, and other sporting facilities. By sponsoring such a team, the company is nurturing talents and rewarding them for their efforts. Corporations usually benefit from such teams as they act as marketing strategies where the name of the company is written on the uniforms or the team is referred to by the name of the company.

•Educating Needy Students

Another strategy that a business can incorporate so that it gives back to the community is by ensuring that it provides tuition to the needy students in the community. It is common for a community to have talented students who have skills and talents but they don’t have the necessary training or money for education. A business can volunteer to pay for the tuition fees required to educate such students. This includes catering for their higher education costs and other essential expenses. This will portray a company as one that understands the needs of the community and is willing to help.

•Provide Social Needs

A company might be operating in a region where members of the community experience multiple challenges in meeting their social needs such as water among others. A water bottling company can volunteer and ensure that it provides the members of the community with clean water for drinking and other domestic roles. The business might not only offer bottled water for drinking as this will only provide a temporary solution to the needs of the community. The company can decide to provide a permanent solution to the water problem by drilling wells or by providing water collection systems that will help members of the community to solve their water problems.

•Provide Extension Services

Farmers will always require extension services from professional and trained individuals who will provide them with technical support in new farming methods, caring for their animals, and incorporating technology into their activities. However, accessing these services is an expensive undertaking that many members of the community cannot afford. A business that sells agricultural chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and farming tools and equipment can take an initiative of ensuring that it hires professionals to help the community members, who buy the products of the company. This is a corporate social responsibility that will offer benefits to the community and the company as well.

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  1. Sure it earns us brownie points Chantal but goodness it feels awesome to help folks. Giving back is the core of every successful business anyway. Far better to do it through your venture and then through other causes. Opens up your heart and also tightens up your business game too.

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