Make Money Trading Money


Make Money Trading Money

Currency trading has long been a popular form of investment. By taking advantage of shifting currency values, you can make huge potential profits. Here are just three types of currency investment and how you can make a return using each one.

Foreign currency

Foreign exchange (often referred to as forex) is the most popular form of currency investment. By buying a foreign currency that is rising in value and selling it before it decreases in value, you can make a big profit.

Currency values are likely to change for a variety of reasons such as a political change in power or the introduction of a new economic law. By researching into the possibility of these events, you can more accurately predict a dramatic rise in currency. Alternatively, you may be able to take advantage of more gradual increases in value by spotting the signs early.

You can buy foreign currencies through a forex broker. You’ll find plenty of these brokers online – in many cases you’ll have to sign up with an account, so it’s worth doing your research into brokers first and finding the one with the best rates. Avoid forex fraudsters by using sites like as to determine whether a broker is legitimate.

Determine how much you’re willing to invest. Many people invest thousands – the more you invest the more potential profit you’ll make, however you could also lose more if your investment doesn’t go according to plan. Of course, it is possible to get involves in forex dealing whilst spending as little as $100. It all depends on the broker you use as some will have minimum spending amounts. Make sure to also consider the transfer fees involved in your transaction.

It’s worth checking currency values daily so that you can keep an eye of fluctuating values. You can look up currency values online. You’ll then need to shop around brokers to find the one that is willing to buy your currency for the highest value. Always keep a look out for hidden charges to avoid overspending.


Cryptocurrencies are a new digital form of currency. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was originally invented as a way of helping to get around shifting foreign currency values, offering a universal currency that is not centralized to one country.

Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrencies and they are largely traded as an investment asset rather than for their original purpose. Cryptocurrency values fluctuate much like foreign currencies but at a much more drastic rate. These values are also much less easy to predict, leading many people to consider it as more of gamble.

When buying a cryptocurrency, you can generally buy any amount – it’s a lot more flexible than purchasing foreign currencies. First you’ll need to set up a wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. You’ll then have to sign up an account at an exchange where you can purchase this cryptocurrency. As with forex brokers, it’s worth comparing different exchanges. There are some big popular exchanges – these are often the most reputable and could be worth using to avoid getting scammed.

A lot of people buy numerous cryptocurrencies and monitor transactions using a tool called a blockchain. For a greater understanding of blockchains, you can visit sites such as A good understanding of blockchains could be important if you plan on doing a lot of trading.

As for selling cryptocurrencies, you have two options. The most basic option is to sell through an exchange in which you are partnered up with a buyer somewhere on the web. The second option is to sell your cryptocurrency to someone you know such as a friend or a family member. It’s generally not a good idea to sell a cryptocurrency to a stranger if you’re not using an exchange as the transaction will be less regulated and you’re more likely to get scammed.


Old coins

Another form of currency that you could possibly invest in is old coins that are no longer in circulation. Many of these old coins have become collector’s items and are worth a lot of money.

Investing in old coins requires a lot of research in order to know which coins are most valuable. In many cases, the rarer the coin, the more valuable it is. You can also get more money for a whole set of coins from a specific period/country. How well the coin is preserved could also make a difference to the value.

Some people get lucky and inherit coin collections whilst others are lucky enough to find old coins in their home (some people even dig them up in their garden). Alternatively, if you want to buy old coins, you can usually do so by attending a coin show where there will be lots of old coins for sale. You can also buy old coins online on second hand sites such as ebay, as well as attending auctions. You may even find old coins in antique shops.

Because there are a lot of forgeries around, it’s often worth getting the help of an expert to authenticate old coins – you can find these services at sites like Many people teach themselves how to authenticate coins, which can save costs. That said, when it comes to purchasing expensive and rare old coins, you may still want to get a second opinion from an expert before making this investment.

When finding a buyer there are lot of options. As with buying old coins, you can attend coin shows where you’re likely to find plenty of enthusiasts. You can also sell coins in an auction or use a second-hand site such as eBay. Antique shops are likely to charge less for old coins. You could also sell through a pawnbroker, although it’s unlikely you’ll get a good deal selling via this method.

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  1. I did Fx nearly 20 years ago and loved it immensely. Tons of fun on the foreign exchange. I also traded crypto just a wee bit a few months back. The only big issue is mining. When it becomes easier for folks in the USA I am happily on board. Rocking post.

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