HR Transformation – Shared Services and Outsourcing Week


HR Transformation - Shared Services and Outsourcing Week

Transformation is a trending term in the HR world today. From employees calling for a better work experience, to millennials redefining the workplace, to the digital age changing how organizations must be run, this day and age is proving HR to be a key function within any company. Taking on all this change can be difficult, but, thankfully, the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week event has put together a helpful bundle of case studies that dive into how to transform your HR strategy and elevate the employee experience.

The first case study comes from Evoqua Water Technologies. Their study dives into global HR transformation and the top insights they took from going through this process. The process for Evoqua started with a brand new VP of Human Resources coming into the company tasked to develop a Global strategy to transform their HR strategy in just twelve months. With no design or idea restrictions off the table, Evoqua managed to transform their strategy and gained key insights on how to success at major change in a short time period. Some of their findings include, creating a leaner, more efficient HR structure, using a shared services model to achieve HR success, increasing your focus on your current talent, and much more. Access the full study:

The next case study in the bundle comes from Microsoft’s HR Service Center Lead Americas, and focuses on creating a seamless employee experience. The study walks through the current HR breakdown at Microsoft, and their transformation journey from 2012 to 2020. The case study takes you through their journey thus far, with an in depth look at their employee support model and what they learned during this transformation period. Access the full study:

The final case study in the piece provides insight on leveraging your size for recruitment and pre boarding from HCA. With new HR expectations put in place, the HR team  was able to be held to a higher standard and in return, were driven to do more and more for their organization. A main focus on their transformation was to advance their recruitment process by redesigning the full recruiting life-cycle to be much more efficient. HCA provides the entire plan within their case study as well as their lessons learned after the implementation process. Take a look here:

To get a closer look at any of these pieces, visit this link: . For even more information on transforming your HR strategy, learn more about Shared Services and Outsourcing Week here: .

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