Written in the Stars: 7 Signs You’ve Made the Right Career Choice


Finding the right career is like finding the right romantic partner. Every day may not be rainbows and smiles, and there will be some conflicts, but providing you are working in a nurturing environment where you can grow, excel, and enjoy the work you are doing, you can feel confident in your career choices.

But how do you know this is what you were supposed to do? How do you know the grass isn’t greener elsewhere and the professional choices you have made up until now have been the right ones? These are 7 signs that you have made the right career choice and you are working in the right field for you.

You have the necessary skills

Nothing is more satisfying than doing work that you excel at. When faced with a unique problem, you tackle it, secure in the knowledge that very few people could do what you do and possess the necessary skillset to complete your work to the high-standard you can.

But there is still room to improve and learn

You want your job to challenge you. As soon as the challenge is gone, the job can become mundane and boring. You want to be able to learn, grow and branch out within your field, and become a better worker tomorrow than you were today.

You are surrounded by your kind of people

Being the black sheep at work can reduce your sense of belonging. To get the highest sense of job fulfillment out of your career, you need to be surrounded by people who you can connect with on a professional and personal level. They may not be your best friends outside the office, but it makes the day more enjoyable when you can engage in some small talk with people you genuinely like as opposed to forcing half-mumbled greetings to each other when you pass in the office corridors.

You see value in your work

Your work makes a tangible difference to the world or the organization. You can see evidence of your hard work in the profits, procedures, and workings of the organization. Because of you, in some way, someone has benefitted. Your work makes a real difference to your co-workers or your clients and has meaningful value.

You can’t picture yourself doing anything else

We have all had it at some point. That niggling feeling that creeps into our psyche in the dark of the night. Maybe, just maybe, we would be better off in another field. As this feeling takes hold, these thoughts become more and more frequent, spilling over into our lunch breaks, evenings off, and eventually, the time spent at our desk.

If this sounds like you, you might need to consider a career change. Update the resume, find a new template-Hloom offers great resume templates– and start sending them out to recruiters and hiring managers.

The good days outnumber the bad days

We all have tough days at the office. But if you are coming home every night overwhelmed, run down, and craving a glass (or bottle) of wine, then this industry might not be for you.

You are happy to go above and beyond

One sign that you are in the right career for you is that you are willing to go above and beyond your job description to do the job to the highest of your abilities. If you turn up to work, willing to do the bare minimum to get the job done and get out of there, you are not taking pride in what you do and would likely get more fulfilment elsewhere.

If these 7 signs accurately portray your time spent at work, congratulations. You have found your calling and are in the right career for you. If these concepts sound alien to you. Don’t worry. There will be a job out there for you, you just might not have found it yet.


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  1. Super note on being surrounded by the right types of folks Chantal! Many times we make it about us and neglect looking around ourselves, to see the environment we chose along with our career. My best jobs were places filled with awesome folks, working together toward a common goal. Excellent post!


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