Education Never Stops: 4 Places Where You Can Expand Your Career Knowledge


If you want to keep on advancing in your career, you have to keep on growing. This means keep on learning, keep on adapting, and keep on putting the effort in. From taking courses on hospitality management to fashion or business analytics, the choices are endless. Nobody wants to be stuck where they already are, because with experience you risk being replaced by a younger, cheaper option anyway. Adding to your value is definitely the way to go for long-term benefits.

Forbes has even pointed out that your career future could depend on on-going learning, so you know this is serious business. The thing is, some areas are difficult to learn in unless you invest a lot of time or money. However, others can be quite easy, and these are the ones we’re looking at today. Places you can expand your career knowledge in a cost-effective way, getting the best return for any time or money invested – not to mention your effort!

  • Social Skills

Social skills matter in all areas of the workplace. Sales personnel have to be good at building rapport with customers, likewise middle management needs to be able to effectively manage their people without becoming would-be dictators. Social skills are even more vital in difficult jobs, and it’s easy to imagine how the ability to communicate and listen effectively would be helpful on a large team project.

Working your social skills can take many forms, from online videos to local meet-up groups. And if this sparks an interest in social work as a result why not go for your social work degree? Social skills and social work go hand in hand. Explore your options and get stuck in – this skill carries over to all areas of life too, not just your career!

  • Work Your Numbers!

Being good with numbers is a useful ability to have. It helps your ability to do other tasks. For example, you can easily divide a workload between multiple people, or figure out costs on the fly if needed. You are also able to deal with financial situations faster and make quicker calculations in general. This is more helpful in some fields than others, but it’s an easy skill to work on with many free online resources.

  • IT Skills

IT skills carry over to any field, especially in todays world. Almost every job involves some sort of computer, and there’s a massive skillset to be learned, starting from general basics right up to highly specialized skills. Getting yourself some effective IT training can be a huge help to how useful you are to your employer. Increased skills in this area can also help you to complete your job quickly and more effectively, so the boost can really pay off in a big way!

  • Administrational Talents

Admin can be a thankless, and boring task. That means if you can do it well, you can really stand out and become a go-to guy in your workplace. This position gives you a lot of security and leverage to move forwards, plus it shows you are capable of handling bigger things. Admin skills can involve organizational and planning skills, financial talents and more. Take a look around and look for lessons on individual skills within this field, taking on the ones which would be most applicable to you.

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