Minimalist Marketing Matters


When it comes to marketing, most companies go all out. After all, without the right marketing in place, no one will get far enough to find out what you do. The advertisements you put out are responsible for getting your name out there. And, that can lead to success or failure.

It should come as no surprise, then, that most of us go pretty extreme here. We develop the most elaborate and flamboyant campaigns we can imagine. We include as much color as we can, and even get stuck in with animation. And, there’s no denying that these things often catch the eye. But, are they really your best option in the modern market?

Not necessarily. In fact, you may well be better with a minimalist marketing campaign. Forget the complex ideas of your advertising past. You could be better stripping things back. Other big brands have already taken this approach. Apple is a prime example of how impactful minimalist advertising can be. A French advertising agency has even stripped back the McDonald’s logo to a more minimalist alternative. But, what exactly are the benefits of going bare here?

Saving money

Saving money is everything in business. And, you can do just that when you take marketing minimal. Most companies blow huge amounts on elaborate designs. Many pay whole teams to create intricate idea boards. By removing the need for these processes, you can save more money than you’d imagine. You could then redistribute that money to other aspects of your company. Or, you could focus on spending more to get your advertisements seen in the right places. Instead of spending a fortune on campaigns no one will see, this would enable you to get stuck into methods like RTB advertising, where you bid for the best spots out there. That way, you can ensure your minimalist campaign has more impact than your previous efforts.

Saving time

Saving time is also pretty essential when you have a business to run. Luckily, your minimalist marketing has you covered here, too. Admittedly, you will still need to spend time to ensure your campaign makes an impact. Just because you’re working with a small logo, doesn’t mean you can rush. But, you’ll still save a load more time than you would when working with elaborate ideas. Forget spending months making a fun-filled video. All you should need here are a few decent brainstorming sessions and a skill in graphic design. Just like that, you’ll be able to increase productivity, and thus profits.

Getting to the point

It’s also worth noting that minimalist advertising is fantastic at getting to the point. This is essential when you first start in the business world. Your elaborate design might look fantastic, but it won’t work if customers have to work to find out what you do. By comparison, minimalist design is open, honest, and to the point. There won’t be any confusion or risk of lost interest. And, that in itself will be fantastic news for your sales.

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