5 Easy desk hacks that will motivate you to get more


5 Easy desk hacks that will motivate you to get more

If you are searching for the ways to motivate yourself for your job, then Google will provide you with millions of search results. To get motivated, you will have to do some brainstorming and bring some changes in your personality. One can improve the productivity if he or she is feeling motivated to go to the job and perform their work. Every office going person feels monotonous when they have to go to work every day and do the same job.

There are many ways which one can use for increasing the productivity, but it is all about tricking the mind and behaviour. If you are someone whose job makes them sit on the desk for long hours then to motivate yourself, all you need is to make some desk changes.

Surround Yourself with Life

You can see in many places especially in the offices, and people surround their desk with various green plants. Starting from cactus to little bamboo tree, one can keep any short plant. Trees are actually used for signifying life and freshness, and hence it has a very positive impact on the person who is sitting on the desk. If you have a green plant at your desk, then it will also shift your attention from all the white pages to a different and beautiful thing. So if you want to motivate yourself, you can buy a beautiful green life, and you can also pick something like cactus which requires low maintenance. If you have a breathing and living greenery near you, then it will increase the drive and make you a happy person that will help you to increase your productivity at work.

Switch Up Your Posture

You might feel bored when you will be sitting in the same posture for long hours in front of the computer. All you need is to change the posture. As you will be in the office for at least 9 hours, so according to the research, it has been found that people who are maintaining a particular position for a long time have also developed neck pain and even Spondylitis. So instead of exhausting your body or mind, you can opt for a different chair for yourself that will help you to rest in various position. You can also buy the best stand up desk.

Decorate your desk

Many people prefer to have a simple, minimalistic and clean desk in the office. But adding some new decor ideas will help a person to create a happy environment for working. One can add various photos, knick-knacks and other interesting things for decorating their desk. As you are going to spend at least one-third of your day in this place, so make sure to surround yourself with things which brings joy to you and enhance your performance in the workspace. You can add some exciting page holder or paperweight that looks very much bright.

Fix the lighting

If you are unable to sit under fluorescent light any more then you need to fix your lighting. Lighting also has a significant impact on the mind of a people. If you can position yourself near the natural light, then it will help you to decrease the depression and stress which is caused by work. Natural light will make you feel refreshed and will create a positivity in you that will help you to give 100% productivity in your work. So, it is vital to fighting the unmotivating and sadness which is created by the desk lamp. You can also produce the natural light by buying the lamp which will mimicry the natural sunlight and will create a bright and happy environment for the employee.

Add some inspirational touches.

Are you feeling demotivated or stressed up? Well, some inspirational quotes will help you to brighten up your mind. There are many inspirational quotes which are stated by famous philosopher and can make a person feel more motivated to succeed in life and thereby increasing the productivity at work. You can buy this inspirational quote images from the market and just put it on your desk with the help of pins.

Apart from this five desk hacks, one should also concentrate on healthy living. An unhealthy body and mind makes you feel unmotivated and stressed all the time. You can also try some DIYs for decorating your desk.

According to the studies, it has been conducted that keeping pictures of your close ones in your office desk also helps a person to get motivated when they are feeling low. It is also advised to change your desk decoration frequently. Moreover, every company should conduct some motivational speeches and workshop for their employees.

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