4 Ways To Push Your Employees Up The Career Ladder


4 Ways To Push Your Employees Up The Career Ladder

Your employees are central to your business, and without them, your business wouldn’t be where it is today. There’s a lot to be said about company loyalty these days, and with people far less likely to enjoy a ‘job for life’ at one company like they used to, it can be difficult to retain talented team members.

One way to help encourage company loyalty is to develop your employees and show that they’re valued. By helping them to build their skills, they can grow within the company and become a lasting part of it.

Help your employees move up the career ladder with these four ways to help them develop.


1. Shadowing

Shadowing opportunities will enable employees to figure out what they want to do next. Shadowing allows them to learn more about management positions and other roles to see if it’s something they’d like to try in the future. Shadowing can also help employees learn the skills they need for different promotions, giving them the opportunity to learn alongside someone more experienced. Offer shadowing opportunities as a placement as a great way for them to grow within the company.

2. Mentor schemes

Mentoring programs are great for employees. As a low-cost, high-impact solution, there are several reasons why your business could benefit from a mentor program. Mentoring schemes help employees to better connect with the business and can set them on a path to achieve their personal career ambitions, and could even help reduce your employee turnover. With a mentoring scheme, you can develop a much more unified team that keeps your company’s objectives at its heart.

3. Training opportunities

With the right training opportunities, your employees can develop the skills necessary to excel in their jobs. While you might be wondering if employee training opportunities are worth the investment, the truth is that they could be a vital part of retaining your workforce. By providing training opportunities within the company, you’re stopping employees from having to go elsewhere – ensuring that they feel like a valued part of the company.

4. Paid-for qualifications

Providing funding for additional qualifications can be an important factor for attracting the best talent to your business. You can offer online MBA programs accredited schemes to your employees to help them develop their business knowledge, or other degree programs that will boost their professional careers. Having a pot set aside for these development opportunities is important, and the investment will be sure to pay off as you develop a more skilled and more confident workforce.


As an employer, you should want the best for your employees, and giving them the right development opportunities is a big part of that. Work on ways you can push your employees up the career ladder to show that you’re a responsible employer, and help maintain the company loyalty that is so rare today. Your efforts can pay off in more ways than you know, so start thinking about your employees’ futures today.

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