Serviced Solutions – How Serviced Offices Can Spur Business Growth


Finding adequate office space can be a chore for those who are just setting out their shingle. Entrepreneurs looking for affordable office space might find themselves locked out of a location that is too pricey for their budget. However, the serviced office can provide your business access to some of the more prestigious avenues in Kuala Lumpur.

Serviced offices generally provide businesses with furnished office space in addition to all of the amenities you would typically need to maintain an office, including a receptionist. This office plan is cost-effective because you do not have to do anything but pay your lease and show up to work. To learn more about the different amenities your serviced office lease can provide visit Servcorp’s Kuala Lumpur site at The serviced office, however, is more than a place to set out your shingle. It can also be a place for you to grow your business.

Continue reading below to find out more about the ways serviced offices can be the foundation of your business growth.

Hands-Off Overhead

With conventional leasing, you would essentially have to secure office space, then you would have to purchase or rent furniture (whichever is more financially feasible), turn on your lights, cable and phone, and then hire the necessary staff (receptionist), not to mention making sure you have quality, reliable internet access. This can take anywhere from nine months to a year to accomplish.

Conversely, one of the best qualities regarding the serviced office is that it takes all the work out of establishing an office. As many of the offices are already staffed with a receptionist and are furnished, it saves you time in having to organise a relocation effort. In the nine months to a year that has swallowed up an enormous amount of your valuable time, you could have rented and moved into your new office space in less than a week. In terms of your own productivity, the serviced office saves time, so that you can focus on the business of running your business.


The great thing about the serviced office is it allows you to transition with ease as your business grows. Again, scalability refers to the flexibility of downsizing and expanding. Most serviced offices have flexible leasing plans, which allow for you to expand or downsize based on your business’s need.

Compared with a conventional lease, you would need to figure out whether you could expand in your office space or relocate all together. With the serviced office, all you need do is contact your leasing office to have your lease modified. Again, this would probably take no more than an hour of your time, and as your business grows, you could be in your new digs soon after, returning you to the job of managing a business.

Access To The Right Tools

When running a business, the right equipment is a must in being productive. Having world class internet access, copiers, computers, and a receptionist to answer calls is extremely important, and these are staples that you cannot really skimp on. Furthermore, if you were to try and set up your office on your own, the costs related to providing these tools would be inordinately expensive. Ultimately, these are the tools that help you become productive.


Many of the larger serviced offices allow for you to transfer your lease globally. Essentially, you could move to any part of the world where there is a leasing office, and could be set up with office space, anywhere in the world! Leases that are transferable save you in terms of the time it would take for you to find reasonable, affordable office space in a location you might or might not be familiar with.

Productivity Produces Growth

Having the time to work is really important in growing a business. More significantly, the time that you save in not having to worry about the daily operations of a business allows you the freedom to be productive. This productivity is the foundation growth for your company.

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