The Importance of Posters in the Workplace


The Importance of Posters in the Workplace

HR Posters often seem as though they are the norm in any workplace setting, but most people don’t give them a second thought. These posters serve an important purpose, though: they notify workers of certain rights under the law. Besides informing employees, they also enable employers to remain in compliance with laws that require exact wording for notifications.

What Types of Notifications Are Used?

Both federal and state laws that apply in the workplace require several notifications to be posted in areas that are visible to employees. Federal agencies that oversee employment, as well as state agencies, require precise wording on the posters used in the workplace. Failure to use the right wording could bring about penalties that include legal action and high fines.

Examples of Compliance Notifications

Some examples of HR compliance posters include posters notifying employees about anti-discrimination, labor, and other federal employment laws. States also usually require certain signage, especially when states have labor or anti-discrimination laws that exceed federal standards. Many states require certain signs that be posted in both English and Spanish.

Locations for Most Posters

A common place for many posters to be displayed is in a break room. This location is a natural place for information that employees need the most to be put in sight. Putting the posters in such a prominent location also helps decrease complaints of non-compliance.

Specific Policy Posters

To safeguard against company policy violations, posters with specific policies have been more and more prevalent in workplaces. Employers who use posters that are as clear and specific as possible allow very little room for error when it comes to how the employees interpret the posters. In recent years, for example, many companies have had to create policies regarding carrying guns concealed or openly. Signage that details such policies very clearly and in compliance with local law helps avoid a lot of problems that would otherwise arise without signage.

Easy Updates

One of the most important parts of compliance signage is being able to update everything when the laws change. Fortunately, there are flexible options that also include peel and stick posters. These posters make a great alternative to traditional paper posters that become faded and tattered over time, often making them unreadable.

Mobile Solutions

With more of the workforce being mobile, many companies find themselves in situations where their employees have limited access to their signage. In this case, bound booklets can come in handy. The range of customization that is also available for such booklets makes them a good choice alongside signage.



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