5 Quick Tips for Boosting Conversion Rates


Deciding to start a business is only the beginning. Soon you’ll be over your head with marketing endeavors and trying to boost your sales. Although this can be a daunting task, there are a few steps you can take to relieve the stress and feel more at ease with your brand.

You want people to be interested in what you have to offer, and you want them to come back for more. Here are some tips you should keep in mind as you move toward higher conversion rates.

Choosing the Right Domain Name


When it comes to building your website, deciding the right domain name can make all the difference. However, before you decide, you need to know who your audience is, and how you want your brand to be viewed. If your brand involves camping gear, for example, you could make a site called hikingisawesome.com or callingalltravelers.com – and yes those names are currently still available.

You don’t want to choose a name that a) has already been thought of or, b) won’t appeal to your brand and customers. You want to communicate, in a few words, what you’re business is all about. You also want potential customers to remember your site, that can boost your customer base if your name is memorable.

Don’t forget to take apart your name as well, certain words that look fine separately could read a bit strangely when put together. Take this site for example, therapist.com. See how that can read in a different way?

Incorporating the 7 elements of a landing page

If your product isn’t getting much revenue, your landing page might be the issue. With thousands of companies building millions of landing pages, thankfully certain analysis has led to a successful formula.

Start by filling your page with what your brand is about. What does it do? Who will is benefit? Why does it matter? You don’t want a page full of generic statements that provide emotion over clarity. Take this example, “We love camping, and so will you!”. This doesn’t answer anything of value when it comes to your product.

Spread calls to action (CTAs) throughout your page. Whether that’s visiting your microsite, clicking on a specific link or reviewing your brand, you want to make CTAs stand out from the rest of the information. Try to avoid pop-ups and cheesy sayings that you won’t be able to deliver. If you offer something for “free”, then remember to follow through or people won’t revisit.

Be clear, entertaining, use good visual content and touch close to home. Give personal scenarios that your customers can relate to, and offer ways to solve their problems. Don’t only write in large paragraphs or block letters. Break up monotony with bullet points, images or lists. Show that real people like your site with their testimonials or quotes, but don’t forget to ask permission first.

Play with pricing. Did you know the relative size and position of a price can influence people? A smaller font size makes the actual cost appear smaller, and placing it at the bottom left of a box rather than the top affects perception as well.

Remember that your landing page needs to be informative, and in the right order: problem, solution, social proofing, pricing options and leave potential customers thinking. Getting a sale for your brand means constructing a well-timed and perfectly crafted plan of attack. 

Supporting Info Around Your Main Offer

You want to provide people with information, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. The single largest driver of conversion rates and helping a brand stick in someone’s mind is through decision simplicity. Consumers want to be able to easily weigh their purchase options through trustworthy and reliable information.

Let’s look at an example. Two businesses are selling camping gear. Business A wants to promote the technicalities of the gear- the size and weight, the strength and durability of the products. Business B wants to look at their audience and appeal to them first by CTAs and testimonials. Which business will receive higher praise and get more revenue?

Offering the proper information for your brand by drawing on customer’s interests, rather than a few instructions or technical aspects, can bring people in and make them remember your brand.

Use Videos To Help Promote

Fabulous things called technology and the World Wide Web are at your disposal, why not use all facets? Making videos to boost your brand is a great way to get people to see you.

What should you put in your video? Before you start, think of your audience and their motivations. Your content should revolve around your brand, but you can incorporate real-life scenarios as well.

Maybe you and your family often go camping, so you could bring along a camera and record your adventures. If you’re wearing a backpack that is apart of your brand, show how useful it’s been during your trip. Call people to action as well, whether that’s by asking them to “like” the video or by placing a strategic button they can push that takes them where you want them to go, you want to make consumers feel involved.

Start by posting the video to your website, and if it brings in a lot of views, start filming more and maybe even create your own Youtube channel. Having the video option on your page helps consumers have additional information about your product and know that you’re an actual person who has a business.

Set Up Remarketing To Re-Engage

How you decide to set up a remarketing campaign, something that helps you reach people who have previously visited your site, depends on your customer’s demographic and your business goals. You could display your ads when they visit other websites through Google Adwords.

Maybe you’ve marketed your trusty backpack before, but no one seemed interested. Did you research why? Did you promote it during the right time? A way to appeal to customers who didn’t participate in your product is by setting up a remarketing list to entice them to visit your website again. Separate them from your already converted customers, as you’re wanting to appeal to future potential customers not already established ones.

For example, when you visit a University website, but don’t fill out any forms, their custom combination list reaches back to you. They want to keep you informed about what they offer, so maybe one day you’ll want their services.

From choosing the right domain name, to utilizing video for your brand, gaining customers has never been so achievable.


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  1. This is good advice. Similar to the concept of remarketing – reaching the same people on multiple channels (e.g. social, email etc.) is also good for brand awareness with an individual and can also increase conversion rate, depending upon how it is being measured.

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