What Happens in a Coaching Session?



Have you ever thought about hiring a coach, but were a little unsure about what happens in a coaching session? If so, keep reading for more information on exactly what to expect in a coaching session.

Nowadays, we tend to think we should be able to fix our own problems. Often, we feel like if we can get the dream job and live in the right city, everything will work out.  As it turns out, people often struggle to match these expectations.  Your dream job can quickly become a nightmare and picking up and leaving one city for a new one will often bring with it a whole new set of struggles.

A qualified personal coach will help to facilitate a process that will enable you to sort through any confusion and uncertainty you may be feeling and help you set realistic and achievable goals. They will collaborate with you and provide you with any support you may need.

What Does a Personal Coach Do?

A personal coach will ask a number of meaningful questions, which are designed to help you identify what you really want in life. Your coach will also ask you to discover what beliefs or habits may be holding you back from achieving the goals you have set yourself.  Together, you will create an action plan with a number of attainable steps.  These steps are designed to move you closer to your main goal.

It’s important for you to understand that a personal coach will never tell you what to do with your life. Instead, their job is to facilitate your personal goals, nut push their own ideas.  Often, a coach will challenge any pre-conceived notions you may have about what you are actually capable of.

How Does a Coaching Session Work?

Initially, you will often find that coaches will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out before your first meeting. These questions are usually designed to help you think about what it is you want to change in your life and what you feel is currently holding you back.  It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers, as your new personal coach can help you figure them out.

Most personal coaching sessions will last from 45 minutes up to an hour. The length of your coaching session will vary depending on your coach.  During your session, you and your coach will speak about what has happened since your last meeting and any goals you would like to set yourself for the upcoming period of time until you talk again.

As you speak, your personal coach will be able to give offer ideas and provide you with a number of resources you can use to help you achieve the next step of your plan. Your coach will use approaches and techniques that will be most effective in helping you get what you want.  Personal coaching websites like AskACoach offer support anytime and the advice is given by trusted professionals who are trained to do so. This ease of access to help is why online coaching is becoming increasingly more popular.


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