You’ve Been Successful in your Career, Now Be Successful in Life


It’s not easy to find success in your career. You work hard to acquire the educational certificates you need to enter your profession, and can then spend years getting to the point where you can feel you’ve finally made it in your career. But what comes after that? If you’re looking for your next challenge, take a look at giving back. You might find that it’s just as rewarding – if not more so – than anything you’ve achieved in your career. Here’s how you do it.


A Set Percentage

There’s more to life than money, and you can always do more than just signing over some of your cash to a charitable organisation. But let’s be honest here: money does indeed make the world go round, and if you have a well-paying job, then with your cash you’ll be able to improve the lives of others as well as build a comfortable existence for yourself. Moving forward, look at committing a percentage of your wage to charitable causes. Whether it’s three, five, or ten percent, you’ll be able to help organisations continue to do their good work.

Donating Your Skills

Some people hold the belief that you shouldn’t give away your talents for free, but we think an exception can be made when it comes to charities. If you have a skill that is special, then offer it to other people for free. Your expertise might make a massive difference to another person’s life, and all you’ll have given up is some of your time. Don’t worry if you don’t have any specialist asset, either; just giving up some of your time will be appreciated by others if it’s delivered with motivation to help other people. Never doubt the difference you can make!

With Your Team

If you’re a business owner, then you’ll have crafted a team of employees that can work together to make a difference. Why not use your team to improve not only your business but also the world? Check out organisations like; they have volunteering options that are specifically for teams of colleagues. While you’ll also be giving back, it’ll also improve your company by strengthening the connections between your employees and making them more cohesive as a team. Win-win!

Old Goods

If you’ve been successful and have had a lot of money coming and going in your bank account, then the chances that you have a lot of expensive goods lying around your home. Take a look, and see what you have; is there anything there that you don’t need anymore? Then don’t let it gather dust. Donate it to a charity instead. You’ll be clearing out some space in your home, and a charity will have some items that they can sell to raise money. Perfect!

Find a Passion

Finally, think about the issues around the world that you feel connected to, and get involved. You might find that the next stage of your life isn’t about business, but about the changes you can make in the world. 

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