3 Holiday Activities for the Office


It’s December and with the holidays drawing closer there will probably be a lot of excitement and activities planned at the office for your team or department. If you are looking for ideas on what to do to have a fun team building experience here are 3 suggestions that we are doing at my office.


A potluck is cheaper and often easier to do than booking a restaurant and going out somewhere. Especially if you have waited until now to plan a lunch or outing. Most places will be booked and you also need to take into consideration dietary restrictions and that not everyone can afford, or wants to spend a ton of money on an office lunch. This time of year gets expensive so don’t add to that strain for your employees. A potluck is a great way to have everyone contribute a little something and socialize together. If you are looking for ideas on what to bring to an office potluck, I suggest checking out Quill.com’s new post on 3 quick and easy holiday potluck dishes to bring to work.

Gift Exchange

This is a popular tradition this time of year. You pick a coworker’s name and then have to buy a gift for them. Why not add a twist to the regular ho-hum gift exchange. Again you don’t want to force a financial burden on your coworkers and employees. At my office this year we decided to put a $5 limit on the gift for the exchange and the gift has to be a home made holiday decoration with supplies that you are only allowed to purchase from the $1 store. Even if you are not crafty you can still come up with something that only requires glue and a bit of cutting with scissors. There are a ton of $1 store decoration ideas available on Pinterest. A quick search will provide you with all the inspiration that you need.


What is a holiday gathering without some fun? Have a few games planned ahead of time to help break the ice and to help coworkers from other departments get to know each other better. Here are 3 fun, relatively cheap or free games that you can play in a office environment:

Holiday Bingo – Here is a link to a bingo playcard suggestion. The idea is that you have to keep track of if the items are mentioned during the course of the holiday party. The first person to get a standard bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) wins.

How Many Candy Canes – Fill a large jar, bowl, vase, ox (whatever you have handy) with small candy canes. Have everyone guess how many there are and the winner (person that guesses correctly or is the closest) wins the candy canes.

Holiday Photobooth – Print out some fun and free props or purchase some from the $1 store, and create a photobooth area. People can take the photos with their own cell phones and share them.


Whatever you do in your office, have a safe and fun holiday season!







Photo Credit: Pexels

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