Conference Tips To Schmooze Like A Pro


The majority of people do not like having to attend a conference for work. Even if it provides an advantage for your company and would look great on your resume, chances are that most people are not too thrilled about having to spend a few nights away from home for work. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the conference all you’ve got while you’re there. These events are usually a great opportunity for getting your name out there and being heard by some of the biggest leaders and influencers in your industry.

So, it’s time to get into a positive frame of mind and feel a bit more excited about your next conference. Here are some tips that can help you schmooze like a pro while you’re there.

Wear A Name Tag

If yo are like me it is hard to remember names of dozens of new people that you meet all at once. It can be very tiresome to ask people what their names are and can quickly get old when lots of people are asking you the same question as well. So, you might want to check this homepage and buy yourself a lanyard that you can clip a name tag to. That way, no one has to waste any time asking who you are! 

Ask Plenty Of Questions

There are various ways people try to break the ice when chatting with others, but one of the best ways is to simply ask the other person questions about themselves and what they do. This is also a good way of thinking of something to say if you are ever stuck for conversation topics. We all love being asked about ourselves, so whoever you ask is surely going to eagerly answer any questions that you may have!

Research The Big Names

The conference will probably feature a few big keynote speakers. These are the individuals who will be giving speeches and hosting talks through the event. It’s a good idea to research these people so that you are fully clued up on who you will be seeing at the conference. Plus, if you ever bump into them, you will know enough about them to hold a conversation.

Take Notes

It’s easy to get caught up at a conference and forget that you are actually there for work purposes. So, it’s really important that you take notes at every speech and talk you go to. If you don’t want to furiously scribble down everything that the speaker is saying, you might want to just take your laptop with you and record it using a recording device. Taking notes also helps to commit what you have heard to memory.

Get There Early

You don’t want to be left with a seat right at the back of the conference hall, so be sure to get there early enough to get a good seat. Use apps like Google Maps to ensure that you know how to get to the conference and so that you don’t end up getting lost.

Conferences aren’t usually quite as boring as you think they are going to be. You never know – you might end up having lots of fun! And meet lots of interesting people too!


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