Great Clothes That Can Accommodate Any Lifestyle! #fallforprAna


Great Clothes That Can Accommodate Any Lifestyle! #fallforprAna

Early last week I did a post about a great clothing company that is helping to make the world a better place. That company is prAna. Their company motto is “Yoga, Travel and Adventure Clothes with a Conscience”.  Their commitment to sustainability, community, and doing right still inspires and pushes them to find innovative ways to do good things in a good way. I love their company philosophy and culture. In this post I will be reviewing two articles of clothing that I got to chose for review from a selection of prAna’s fall line:the Mantra Pant and the Daria Sweater Hoodie. It is great when you can help support a company that you believe in.

2017 has been a transformative year for me on many different levels. With the love, support and guidance from my amazing husband I adopted a ketogenic lifestyle back in February. (My husband has been ketogenic for almost 3 years now.) I resisted for so long even though I saw the improvements that it made in my husband’s life. This past February that all changed and I decide to jump right in and try it myself. I was overweight, feeling low with a bad self image, and I had other personal issues going on. I guess I figured, what have I got to lose by trying this whole ketogenic thing? My husband has been so wonderful through the whole transition and has been so supportive. I am happy to report that since adopting a ketogenic lifestyle I have lost 35 pounds, and I feel amazing! I have more energy and I lead a much more active lifestyle. I go hiking almost every weekend with my husband and we do a lot of other outdoor activities together now too, such as canoeing and fishing. I call it a lifestyle because it is much more than a diet. It has brought my husband and I closer together and has other positive side effects too on my emotional and cognitive abilities. Life is not perfect but it is much better than it was at the beginning of 2017. (Disclaimer: Before adopting any type of diet, exercise or lifestyle please check with your physician first.)

All of these positive changes has lead me to search for companies and clothes that fit my new lifestyle, choices and beliefs. That is what lead me to discovering prAna! I am so happy that I found them. As I said in my previous post;

Conscious living and leading are at the heart of well-being so when I wear clothes and support companies that I am passionate about and those companies also believe in creating a better and fair world around them, then I am spreading an important message. I am in essence putting my money where my mouth is.  Every thought, word, and action, will permeate those around us and if we can influence for the better than I feel that we should.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to work with prAna and to have received 2 articles of clothing from them. Besides needing clothes that fit me properly now, I also want clothes that serve more than one purpose. I want clothes that I can wear for work, travel and my outdoor adventures. I want to wear clothes that can transition from one activity to the next without having to have a separate wardrobe for each area of my life. prAna fits that perfectly! Plus I am also helping support a company that uses sustainable business practices and believes in Fair Trade, Fair Labor and whenever possible uses recycled and organic materials.

The 2 articles of clothing that I chose to review are the Mantra Pant in Black Herringbone and the Daria Sweater Hoodie in Muted Truffle.

For reference, I am 5’7″ and now weigh 135 pounds, so for sizing I chose the Mantra Pant in a size small and the Daria Sweater Hoodie in a size medium. I used the sizing guide on prAna’s site and it is extremely accurate and helpful.

Mantra Pant

So comfortable! On the bus headed to the office.

The Mantra Pant is constructed from a Sutra® hemp/recycled poly blend woven with 3% spandex for extra mobility. The waistband is made from an organic cotton/hemp blend knit and completed with an adjustable internal drawcord. Cut with a mid-rise and straight leg for a relaxed fit. I can’t tell you how comfortable these pants are!! If I had to chose 1 pair of pants to wear everyday for the rest of my life it would be the Mantra Pant! What I love about the Black Herringbone color is that it looks good enough to wear to work without it looking like you are wearing clothing that is designed solely for exercising or for outdoor activities. By day I work in a professional environment so my attire has to match that. I wore the Mantra Pant into the office without anyone suspecting that I can also wear these pants for hiking, lounging and for travel. When paired with a nice blouse and even a blazer (see below) the Mantra Pant is well suited for an office environment.

But then you can take the same Mantra Pant and pair it with a bit more casual top, like the Daria Sweater Hoodie, and have a relaxed and more business casual look.  The Mantra Pant is also perfect for travelling, especially if you have long flights or travel times. The material is also rated UPF 50+ so it is great for wearing outdoors on hikes too! It is soft and the quality of the material is excellent!

Daria Sweater Hoodie

The comfort of your favorite sweater and your favorite hoodie combined! The Daria Sweater Hoodie is woven from a lightweight organic cotton in a fine gauge knit. This oversized garment is designed with cocoon sleeves, a kangaroo pocket, and a wide hood for a relaxed fit. The Daria Sweater Hoodie is so cozy and warm. On colder winter days you can pair it with a long sleeved shirt underneath. It is the perfect sweater for fall! I have also worn this sweater to work for a more business casual look. You can dress it up with a nice necklace / accessories if you want to, yet this sweater is also great for wearing outdoors on hikes, running around and doing errands, and travelling. I want one in every color!

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Help support an amazing company with versatile and comfortable clothing!

Special thanks to my husband for being my photographer.


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