Understanding the Advantages of Using PDFs for Business Documents


Many businesses choose to store and distribute documents in PDF as opposed to other formats. At first this may seem odd, but the fact of the matter is that PDFs have several key advantages that make them extremely suited to the needs of businesses.

Assuming you’re thinking about whether or not you should be using PDFs for your business documents, understanding its advantages may help:

Platform independent

Unlike certain formats, PDFs are platform independent and can be viewed on Windows PCs, Macs, or even UNIX systems – as well as any mobile devices. For business documents that may need to be viewed on different systems, this advantage is crucial.

Security options

It is possible to password-protect PDF documents so that they can only be read, copied, or edited by someone who inputs the right one. Additionally PDF documents also have several other security features such as electronic signature support and watermarks.

Compression for large files

Generally PDFs are able to compress information into much smaller file sizes than many other document formats. While the exact file size will vary based on the length of the document and graphics that are used in it, it tends to be smaller in size than most alternatives.

Reproduces images and text layouts perfectly

As with many document formats, PDFs are able to store both images and text – however unlike most other document formats they also are able to reproduce layouts perfectly. For businesses that want their documents to look professional and as intended across different platforms this is definitely one reason to use the format.

It is worth noting that while the advantages of PDFs certainly make them appealing to businesses – it is by no means a ‘perfect’ document format. For starters on most operating systems they require a separate ‘reader’ to be downloaded before they can be viewed.

On top of that arguably the biggest limitation of PDF files is that they tend to be difficult to edit. Not only do these files require a specialized editor, but most tend to be technical and require a steep learning curve. That is part of why Movavi PDF Editor is an attractive option, as it will provide you with a PDF editing software that is simple and easy to use instead.

Simply put Movavi PDF Editor will allow you to view and edit PDF files to suit the needs of any business. It can extract images from PDF files, add or rearrange pages, remove unwanted pages, combine PDF files, and a whole lot more. In fact you could even use it to save other formats such as Word, Excel, AutoCAD or Photoshop into PDF format.

Suffice to say if you want an easy way to create and edit PDF documents for your business – Movavi PDF Editor is a great place to get started. It has all the features you need to create business documents in PDF, and will make it a piece of cake to edit them according to your needs.

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