How Happy Are Tech Employees At The Top Companies?


The image many of us have of the top companies in the tech industry is that of revealed-brick offices, filled with nap pods, beer fridges and ball pools. And in some cases this is absolutely right. Google offices are famously ‘fun’-filled and set up for optimal creativity and motivation, as are those of other top tech enterprises, including Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

Workers in these businesses also earn good wages, have great perks and career prospects, so they’re all super-happy, right? Well, yes and no, as it turns out. The following graphic from ecardshack looks at tech job satisfaction in relation to wages in different career stages, also looking at the age of employees and how long they have been with the same company.

Read on to see which companies come out on top.

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    corinnemball says:

    I would be interested to see if these stats applied to other fields as well. When newly hired employees start and are making what they think to be a good salary then they are happy with their jobs. I also think this could be tied to being more proactive and learning more about a field that the employee is passionate about. Drive, enthusiasm and motivation have a lot to do with job satisfaction, but I’m sure that all perks don’t hurt either.

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