#fallforprAna – Support Fair Trade & Labor, Sustainability, Organic & Recycled Materials

#fallforprAna - Support Fair Trade & Labor, Sustainability, Organic & Recycled Materials

As part of my living intentionally series I wanted to focus on a company and brand that epitomizes the meaning of living intentionally. Everything that they do as a company and brand is focused on supporting fair trade, fair labor, sustainable business and manufacturing practices and using organic and recycled material in their clothing and accessories line. That company is prAna.

I recently discovered prAna as I was searching for companies that align with my values and what I believe in. As a business woman and a woman that leads an active lifestyle, the way I dress and the companies that I support is a manifestation of how I chose to express myself on a personal and business level in the world. It is not just about looking good or wearing the latest trends. I want to support companies and brands that have great company cultures, share some of the same values that I have, and help to make the world a better place.

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prAna Logo

Conscious living and leading are at the heart of well-being so when I wear clothes and support companies that I am passionate about and those companies also believe in creating a better and fair world around them, then I am spreading an important message. I am in essence putting my money where my mouth is.  Every thought, word, and action, will permeate those around us and if we can influence for the better than I feel that we should. That is why I am doing a post dedicated to prAna. This post will focus on prAna the company. A future post will focus on some of their specific clothing as they do make beautiful designs that are stylish, comfortable and can be used for work and play.

Front of the prAna Company

prAna, an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit, has helped guide prAna’s actions and lift their aspirations since day one.

How prAna Started

prAna was started in a garage in Carlsbad, California back in 1992. At that time yoga and climbing gear left a lot to be desired, so Beaver and Pam Theodosakis decided to create their own stylish and sustainably made clothes. They sewed the first pieces themselves, labeled them with tags made from homemade recycled paper, and shipped their orders in fruit boxes from local grocery stores. It is a real home grown business that can inspire other startups and those thinking about taking their own entrepreneurial route.

prAna is still located in Carlsbad. To this day they still continue to follow their core belief that companies like theirs should give much more than they take from the world. Their commitment to sustainability, community, and doing right still inspires and pushes them to find innovative ways to do good things in a good way.

Our customers are fun-loving, soulful people who travel well, play hard and care about the impact they have on the world around them. That’s who we are, too… And we believe that when you reach into your closet, there should be something there that reflects who you are, how you feel and what you value most…That’s why in our collections you’ll find apparel and accessories that are made using fewer toxins and chemicals. In all that we do, we work toward the most ambitious goals with regard to the use of energy, water and chemicals in manufacturing. As a partner of bluesign, prAna is already guided by the textile industry’s top standards – avoiding, wherever possible, processes that can cause harm to people or the environment.

~Quote from prAna

Sustainable Clothing Movement

prAna Sustainability

prAna goes out of their way to ensure the impact that they make on the world is mostly confined to only aesthetics. By using materials and partnering with companies and factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy, prAna is able to make the beautiful and functional products that everyone loves, in a way that we can all feel good about. I have blogged in the past about great company cultures and treating employees fairly. prAna is a company that we can learn from in regards to both. They have a great culture that believes in creating a better world and they still have employees that work with them, that have been there since prAna started growing. That says a lot when a company and a startup has retention like that.

prAna is also inspired by athletes like climber Chris Sharma – who’s been with them from the beginning – and yoginis like Shiva Rea. These friends, and many of their customers, help inform prAna designs and keeps them legit. Their founder, Beaver Theodosakis, still answers customers’ letters himself.

Some of the sustainability that prAna uses and promotes

Organic Cotton

prAna uses Organic Cotton

Conventionally grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. Organic production systems on the other hand, replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.

Recycled Wool

prAna uses recycled wool

There are a lot of benefits to wearing wool: it has the ability to regulate body temperature, it’s durable, naturally mildew resistant (a good thing for anyone in the northwest), and it’s recyclable. prAna recycled wool comes from old garments and the cuttings from new garments. After being sorted, cleaned, and reduced down to fiber in a facility in Italy, prAna recycled wool is spun into yarn and knitted into new, warm and snuggly pieces.

Recycled Polyester

prAna uses recycled polyester

Recycled polyester commonly comes from post consumer plastic (PET) water and soda bottles, but it can also come from pre-consumer waste. Recycled polyester is a better alternative because it relies on a recycled material, which means you don’t have to factor in all the toxins and energy used in manufacturing the plastic in the first place. So less energy, aka Greenhouse Gas emissions and water, are required to manufacturing compared to virgin materials.

Fair Trade

prAna Fair Trade

Fair Trade standards ensure that garment workers have safe working conditions, a voice in the workplace, higher earnings, and that women are treated equally. Although these rights may seem basic, they are simply not guaranteed in many of the countries where clothing is produced.

prAna is proud to be one of the first major clothing companies to offer Fair Trade Certified™ products. In partnership with Fair Trade USA, prAna launched their Fair Trade styles back in 2010. With each new season, they aim to offer as many Fair Trade Certified products as possible through partnerships with newly certified factories.

Fair Labor Association

prAna Fair Labor Association

The area of social responsibility is incredibly complex and no brand alone can address problematic issues such as lack of law, or enforcement, or cultural behaviors and practices around the world. When prAna became a member of the Fair Labor Association in 2010, it allowed them to tap into the people and resources that have been working on issues of labor and human rights directly. It also gave prAna a new group of like-minded partners to collaborate with, so that moving forward they could be more successful in their efforts to improve the working conditions in the factories where their products are made. In February 2015, the FLA accredited prAna’s social responsibility program, reviewing and verifying that their efforts are aligned with their commitment to human rights.

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In my next post I will be reviewing some specific prAna clothing. One is the prAna Daria Sweater Hoodie picture below.

prAna Daria Sweater

Connect with prAna on social media:


Don’t forget about the chance to save 15%  on your prAna order between September 5th and October 5th with code GHTP15

Help make a difference and support businesses that do!


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