A Gentle Soul: Career Ideas For Those That Care


A Gentle Soul: Career Ideas For Those That Care

When thinking about a new career, most people look towards their hobbies and interests to guide them into something they can love. Of course, this sort of method is great, as it will fulfill more than one part of your life. But, it isn’t the only way to conduct your hunt. Taking into account things you enjoy along with your key personality traits is also a very good method. For this post, the focus will be on those with a caring and gentle nature, and those who want to help others. These sorts of roles aren’t for everyone, but, for those that enjoy them, they can be extremely rewarding.

There are loads of jobs which cater to this sort of person. From helping the elderly and vulnerable to the young who are just starting out in life. Whichever you choose, one of your key duties will be to care for those you work with, giving them independence or keeping them from trouble. Below, you can find some examples of jobs in this field.

Social Work

Social work is essential to the fabric of modern society. With unwanted populations going up, more and more people are in need of domestic social intervention. There are a variety of roles you can perform in this sector, from helping children struggling with parental issues, to working with schools to combat bullying. The way that this work is done is usually on a very intimate level which means that a professional with compassion and empathy are required. Depending on your mental constitution and the areas you’re interested in, this sort of job could see you helping people who are dealing with a lot of troubling issues. For some, this will be the perfect chance to get a career where they can make a difference.

Care Work

For some people, a role of a more hands-on nature will be much more fitting that social work. A care worker, your primary job will be to make the life of your service users as pleasant as possible. There is a range of care worker roles available, from working with the elderly or disabled, to working with children without guardians. Providing care can be a messy job, and is often quite emotional. Thankfully, though, in return for this hard work, you can also be rewarded generously. With a job like this, you open yourself up for the chance to have a career which continues to grow until you retire.


Helping people can come in loads of different forms. For some, getting hands on or working through people’s problems will be great. But, others will prefer the idea of support people by giving them a bright future. Being a teacher can be an extremely rewarding role, especially as more and more people have access to college and university. By taking on this sort of job for any age group, you will be giving people the chance to succeed. Like the other jobs in this post, being a teacher is often emotional and difficult. But, for the chance at a lifetime career, it’s worth taking on this burden.

Getting into any of these roles will take some work. Care work is usually the best option for people who can’t study, as you can find entry-level positions where you will learn about the job. Social work and teaching, though, will take some study before you can start to get into work. Social workers can get their foot in the door by studying at home. You can take a course in social work over a few years using MSW schools online. People won’t trust the teachers of their children if they haven’t studied at an institution, in most cases. So, you might have to go to school if you want to teach.

One of the big questions on a lot of people’s minds, when they are thinking about a new job, is the money they can make out of it. As far as starting salaries are concerned, in the US, each of these jobs ranges from around $25,000 (US) to $50,000 (US). This sort of pay is a good amount to earn, especially considering the pay rises you can expect going into the future. If you work hard and play your cards right, it’s possible to lift the limit on your earnings.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the sort of career you can get if you want to dedicate your life to your caring nature. Not a lot of people seek a job based on a personality trait like this. But, in a lot of cases, this can be the best way to find a realistic job which you love and enjoy.

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