3 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change


Although many people train for years to be in a job they plan on being in for years and years, there’s no shame in going for a career change. People don’t stay the same. People develop and evolve. They get new interests, likes and dislikes, and all kinds of other things change about their life situation. Of course this means that getting a new job makes sense in many instances – you spend a large portion of your time there, so you need to do something that’s right for you at the time. Here are 3 signs you should look for to work out whether it’s time for a career change:

1.You’re Not Motivated Anymore

Being motivated in your job is super important to living a high quality of life. Why else would you want to get up in the morning? If you snooze your alarm multiple times and feel lethargic while you’re at work, then it’s a big sign this job isn’t for you anymore. Everybody has good and bad days, but if you’re having more bad than good, it’s a sign you need to move on.

2. You Have A Good Idea Of Where You Want To Be

Maybe you have a pretty good idea of where you’d like to be, but your current job isn’t the way to get there. It’s time to start doing your research and figuring out how to get there. Taking the first step can be really scary, but it’s necessary to end up where you need to be.

3. You’ve Been Researching Other Jobs

Maybe you’re always looking at other jobs to see what sticks out to you. Take a look at the infographic below for more ideas!

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