Push Your Employees Up The Career Ladder With These Tips


There are lots of ways that employers can support their employees in and out of the workplace. In fact, more and more new recruits are looking for those extra benefits of working for big companies. These benefits may not have a financial value but instead offer something a little more personal. After all, they’re there for their career, not only a paycheck!

How is your company helping employees work their way up the career ladder? Do you offer a defined career progression and plenty of promotion prospects? Do you offer careers counselling and opportunities for interdepartmental work experience? Millennials aren’t the only ones seeking something more from their work. Don’t forget the newest graduates and the longest serving employees. They too can benefit from more attention to their career progression.

If you don’t have a defined career progression or program of promotion, consider the benefits of developing one. Not only will it attract fresh talent to your company, but it will help motivate and retain your existing employees. You may have to integrate a clear and structured training plan as well. This may include inhouse training as well as externally-sourced packages.

Education and Training

Have you considered boosting the formal education of your current staff? As your company grows, existing roles will have to grow with it. This puts extra pressure and duties onto your employees. Do you continually recruit for the top tier positions? Offer staff the chance to further their education with your support so they can qualify for the role. For example, you might encourage your best performing accountant to get an online masters degree in accounting from UAB to further their role with you. Your support may include time off for study, or you might be able to offer financial assistance to cover expenses. What about supporting future managers and help them attain their MBA. Work on educational plans that help support certain positions within your company or future positions that you may not need now, but will need to fill in a year or two.

Do you have an inhouse trainer? If not, why not invite someone from HR to develop their role to become a specialist here? There are online training packages as well as residential courses to choose from. Support your most ambitious staff through further and higher education to earn your business a good reputation. You might even earn awards for your investment in people.

Learning Culture

Creating a culture within your organization that supports this isn’t always easy. Your Communications Manager may be the best person to help. They can disseminate information about opportunities and changes in newsletters. The HR team might conduct employee surveys or questionnaires. Use them to find out which members of staff would be keen to get involved in this kind of program. If your managers are conducting annual staff reports, ask them to find out who would be interested to further their careers?

Employee Buy-in

Encouraging your team to consider further training and development may also be tricky at first. You need to clarify when and why some training is essential and which provisions are optional. How can you help your employees see the benefits of improving their resumes when they already have a job with you? Case studies and testimonials often go a long way. Find the people who have already benefitted, and ask them for their story. Help all of your team achieve more and it will help your business in the long run.

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