Who Should Be At The Head Table? [#Infographic]


A business is only going to be as strong as it’s leader. But in most businesses these days, it’s not just one individual at the head of the table. Instead, you need to make sure that you have a competent team to steer the ship and ensure your business is managed effectively. The question of course then becomes who do you want in that boardroom. Who sits at the head table?

A Team With Experience

If you are a young business owner or start-up, you should certainly think about getting some experience in the board room. By doing this, you can make sure that you have someone who has been where you are now. One of the best ways to guarantee this is to use a good consultant with a specialty that is relevant to your field. They will be able to advise you in many areas of your business where you are having trouble finding your footing.

Great Diversity

Research shows that businesses with a diverse boardroom are more successful. That’s why you should focus on making sure that your head team has male and female members, different ideologies and individuals from different areas of the world. If you do this, you’ll be giving your company the greatest shot at success.

The Right Setup

Finally, you need to make sure that your boardroom is set up in the right way. There should be a clear structure of leadership here. You don’t want to risk the possibility of people questioning their place in the model. This can lead to messy situations. Have a look at the infographic below to see how this works in a hospital boardroom with a C-Suite.

By University of Southern California Online Program


Photo Credit: Pixabay

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