Is A Career In HR Right For You?


Is A Career In HR Right For You?

Most children do not say when asked, that when they grow up they want to work in an HR department or as a Human Resources Advisor. But as they get older and become mature young adults, the realities of life become more apparent and many may see a career in HR as the opportunity of a lifetime. If you too have succumbed to the realization that you are not going to be a fire fighter or an astronaut, here are a few reasons why working in a HR department might just be the dream that you never knew you wanted until now. I believe that a lot of HR folks are superheroes and being a superhero is a cool job to have.

At first glance, it might seem like a terrible job. You are asked to step in between fractious employees who feel undervalued, and their bosses who are trying to appease the shareholders of the company. You might think that it’s like breaking up a bar brawl, every day from 9 to 5. However, this perception is misguided. It is true that the HR department deals with employee relations, but they also take care of payroll, training, and benefits as well as the entire process of recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. It is a varied and rewarding job that is never the same two days in a row. Here is a list of a few things that you may not have considered about working in HR:

Technology has made it easier: It is difficult to name one aspect of our modern lives that has not been improved by technology. HR departments are no different. The internet has made the application process more simple and quicker. Prospective employees are connected all the time and are seldom out of reach. Online CVs are easier to organize and file, and take up a lot less room around the office. As for the employees that are already at a company, with resources like now available to help with organizational charts, the job has never been more stress-free.

The HR department is the backbone of any company: If you work in sales, you might think that the sales team are the most important people who turn up to work every day. If you are in marketing, then you might look upon the creatives as being special. Or maybe you see the bosses as providing direction and therefore as valuable. In any case, none of them could do their jobs properly if they did not have the HR department to support them. HR professionals make sure that a business actually runs on a day to day basis, year after year. HR helps with succession planning, forecasting and growing companies. HR helps to ensure that employees have the training that they need and the proper tools to perform their day to day functions.

The HR department is also a great foundation for lots of different career paths. As a result of the varied nature of the job, HR professionals quickly have to develop and implement many different skills and competencies. Whether it is good interpersonal skills on a one to one level; the vision to recruit personnel for a company’s new direction; or the discipline and patience of organizing many people within a company, a career in HR can set you up for anything else you might want to achieve in the business world. To learn more, check out


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