How To Start A Blog


Starting your own blog online is easier than ever with today’s technology. But even so, a beginner might be wondering where to start. There are not too many requirements for starting your very own blog and getting one up and running can be done without a lot of technical experience. Before getting into the basics of starting a blog, you might be wondering why you should start a blog in the first place.

Top Reasons To Start A Blog

•Make Money From Home- Many people want to start a blog as a way to try and generate a little extra money on the side. Successful bloggers have even learned how to make enough money to quit their jobs and blog full time.

•Author Books- If your goal is to become a successful, well-known author, then a blog might be a great place to start to gain exposure for yourself. Publishers will rarely work with new authors that don’t already have a fan base or an online presence.

•Just To Write- For some, writing is just a passion. You can use a blog to share stories, build an online community or write about your hobbies.

Basics To Building Your First Blog

There are some main steps to take in order to set up your first blog. Below are the steps to follow in order to get one set up in no time.

Decide What You Want To Blog About

If you are creating a blog for a business or company, then the idea behind the blog will be easy to determine. If you are creating a blog as an individual, then you will have to think about what your blog will be about. It could be based around hobbies, your life or complete fiction. The ideas are endless. However, it is always best to blog about something you enjoy.

Choose A Blog Platform

For beginners, there are many options to choose from to host your blog on. You can easily start with a free service to get a feel for blogging. However, you will end up with limited resources and most of the free platforms have ads on them. Many of the paid platforms are relatively inexpensive and you will have many more resources to use when setting up and running your blog.

Find A Host

Once you have your site created, it will need an online presence. This is where a hosting company will come into play. When you buy hosting for your website, it will be displayed online for people to visit. There are countless hosts to choose from and finding the right one for your website will depend on many factors.

Choose A Domain

Now that you have chosen what to write about and picked a host and platform, you can now choose a domain name. A domain is your website’s address online. When you go to buy domain names, you will find that some are more expensive than others. Finding an available domain name that works well with your website and is easy for your visitors to search for is best. If you create a domain name that is too long or difficult for people to type in, you might lose visitor’s interest.

Creating a new blog can be an exciting venture. You never know where your blogging will take you. Many people find that they have a passion for writing and having an online presence.


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