New Year, New Career


In the modern world, choosing a career through which we can truly flourish or be happy is no easy feat. Of course, this isn’t due to a lack of options, but rather because there’s an abundance of options. It’s easy to look at the state of the economy and say there are no opportunities out there, but businesses still need workers and new opportunities present themselves every day. Nothing is holding you back, other than your own uncertainty.

If you’re unhappy in your present job, you shouldn’t be fearful to make a change. It’s a big step, especially if you’ve invested your time in a company for a few years, but it would be foolish to make the decision of leading an unhappy working life now and missing out on an opportunity which could have given you the career of your dreams. No matter how difficult work may be, you shouldn’t have any regrets in your career. If you’re unsure as to where you should begin, then keep reading for some straightforward pieces of advice.

Keep calm when you’re writing your CV.

It’s easy to get a little carried away when writing your CV, as a lot of people suggest you should embellish the truth a little. By all means, write that when you were a copywriter you learnt to “unlock your creativity and gained skills as a marketing expert”, but don’t write that you took a year-long trip to Peru if you’ve never been. Lying on a CV is always a bad idea because you will be caught out at some point, and that’ll be a rather embarrassing experience for everyone.

In fact, even piling too much information into your CV is a bad move. You’ve likely gathered a lot of experience over the years, but not all of it will be applicable; especially if you’re changing careers and hoping to start in a brand new industry. The things you mention to your potential future employer should be relevant to the job at hand, which might mean, if your CV is full to the brim with pointless filler, that you need to take a few steps back,  and consider education in your industry of interest, as I shall discuss next.

Modern forms of learning.

It’s easy to think that it’s too late to take a new path in life once you’re already set in your present career, but you don’t have to think that way at all. You’re not really “set” in your current career if you’re not happy in your current career. Besides, as long as you keep a learning attitude then it’s never too late to fill you head of yours with something brand new.

Maybe it becomes a little trickier when we get older, but, if you’re really determined, then you can still reshape your future down a different career path, even if it’s a highly technical one. There are online schools that offer different graduate degrees. There’s no shortage of things you can or can’t learn through the internet. Information is all around you, and it all depends on whether you want to fill your head up with it or not. The door is open, and you’re free to step through it.

You’re never trapped.

Remember, you can always change careers. Even if you don’t like the new career to which you’ll be moving, there’s always the option to move on again afterwards. Life changes constantly, and you can change with it. Besides, sticking to one career for your entire life might not help you grow as a person or keep you challenged.


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