Mompreneurs Should Use These Handy Tools For Handling Financial Matters


Mompreneurs Should Use These Handy Tools For Handling Financial Matters

Mompreneurs often have to handle their own financial matters. When you’re handling a solo business venture, bookkeeping and accounting are essential. It’s a legal requirement that you keep financial records. You’ll also need to be aware of how much profit you’re making.

Many people worry about the hardships of handling business finances. But don’t fret. There are a lot of tools and resources out there for making it easier. These are usually designed for small business owners who need to handle business funds themselves. They’re perfect for mompreneurs. Here are some of the best ones to help you out.

Accounting Software

It’s worth using helpful web software to make accounting easy. There are many popular programs out there, such as MYOB, Quicken and Sage 50. One of the most popular apps used by entrepreneurs is QuickBooks.

QuickBooks aims to make accounting easy for business operators. You can connect other services and apps and keep track of ingoing and outgoing finances. It’ll also give you easy-to-read graphs and stats about your money.

It’s a useful solution for making accounting and bookkeeping less stressful. By giving you an easy way to record your transactions, you have a better view of your financial situation. All Mompreneurs should be using software like this to assist them with their operations.

Checks And Invoices

Although many people have turned to online payment methods, checks are still useful for business. They can be sent securely to customers or services you need to pay. They’re easily traceable and don’t involve any extra charges. They can also be used whether or not you have electrical power.

Mompreneurs might find it useful to get custom business checks. These can look professional and make sending out payments easy. Services such as Checkomatic can help you with all your checking needs. It can be used with all popular accounting software.

Invoices are also useful for incoming payments. Sending out an invoice to customers or clients gives you a record of a transaction. It can be used to let them know how much they need to pay and how to pay it. You can find invoice templates for Microsoft Word to make invoicing straightforward. Remember to keep copies of all your invoices.

Online Banking

You probably have an online bank account already, but it’s worth setting up a new one for entrepreneurial purposes. Keeping your personal finances separate from business finances makes everything a lot easier.

Having a designated business account makes financial issues simpler. It will help when it comes to handling business tax or getting records of ingoing and outgoing money. An online bank account can also be used for taking payments quickly.


There are many cases where you might need extra funding for your business. Turning to the bank or trying to get investors isn’t always the best option. If you’re able to get people interested, crowdfunding might be the most efficient funding method.

Sites like Kickstarter allow you to take donations for your business. There’s no obligation to pay the money back, making it much less risky than other methods. However, to get donations, you’ll likely have to give people some incentive. Many people offer the donators free samples of their products or services to make the contribution worth it such as an exclusive version or recognition in some way.


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