Top Hiring Process Trends to Fill a Position


As the market is booming, more and more companies are focusing on building good processes for employee acquisition. Hiring processes should be able to entice potential employees for a job position to be taken by the right candidate.

Choosing the right person to take care of a certain position is all being taken care of by the HR department and acquisition team of a company. They are responsible for analyzing current hiring process trends that will help their company find the right candidate for a position.

Companies nowadays often integrate a number of things in their hiring process in order to suit the tastes of the 21st century applicants. Things like employment procedure, company branding, social media technologies and other hiring process strategies are being incorporated in this trend to attract talented individuals to apply.

Building Corporate or Company Brand

As more information are being shared nowadays, job seekers tend to be smarter and choose which employer will suit their tastes. According to J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of Careerealism, job seekers will not bother to apply in a company if they do not find enough information about it online. This means that building a good reputation online can help company in finding that one talent that will be able to fill in that position that they’ve been trying to advertise. As technology progresses, so does recruitment. Many job seekers rely on the pieces of information that they can find online which is by building your name or brand through the Internet can help you find that potential talent.

Building a Good and Trustworthy Pre-Employment Process

Pre-employment process is also one thing that a job seeker looks at before they have signed that contract. The most important thing to remember is to be transparent during this process. Human resources should explain what needs to be done before potential employees are given their contract.

While most companies choose to present the job offer first while allowing the employee to gather documents while on training, there are others that would need certain things accomplished first before they let them sign the contract. Things like medical examination, pre-employment marijuana drug tests, or presenting of necessary identification to prove that the applicant has no criminal records all contribute to how a potential employee views the company that he is going to work for.

HR Technology Integration

It is evident how much technology has helped most companies reach out to people who can potentially work for their company. A simple video showing a fun and healthy environment of their current employees uploaded in the company’s website, or in their Youtube channel can generate hits and, more often than not, can help an unknown company hire good people. Video interviewing using online and web applications can also help quicken the hiring process, especially when hiring someone overseas.

With media slowly paving the way for job seekers, the competition is getting more and more difficult especially with job seekers who are clearly talented and would become a true asset. Thus, hiring has not only become a necessity for companies to flourish, but also a battleground.  


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