What You Need To Become The Standout Applicant In Any Hiring Process


If we’re to be honest then, yes, in all likelihood, you’ll have some stiff competition at your next interview. It’s the same with most of them. The job market is stretched thin and there are a lot of people wanting work. So, how do you stand above the rest? What qualities do you need that are going to help you stand out from others? Read to to find out more…


First impressions matter. There’s no denying that. When you walk into an office, you need to think about what kind of impression you’re giving off. Dress is an important part of that, but it’s not the only part. Make sure you brush up on your business etiquette. A lot of candidates take this for granted. Whenever you walk into an interview being a professional will set you apart from others. Arriving early, a firm handshake, and language go a long way. Another way to demonstrate professionalism is by setting up a LinkedIn profile. You can provide details on how you have solved problems in the past, and how that will be beneficial for a future employer.

Real skills

It can feel difficult to get the skills you need or know the direction you need to go in when you’re not currently employed. However, there are some skills that are more generally useful than others. Skills like accounting, project management and corporation law will make you an asset to all kinds of businesses. The job opportunities after MBA and similar courses are often diverse because of the problem solving abilities that you can bring to a work place.

The other skills

The hard skills mentioned in the previous paragraph are going to help ensure you have the qualifications for all kinds of different businesses. But don’t overlook soft skills either. Questions like your ability to work with others, to manage your time and the ability to communicate well will also matter. Make sure you can demonstrate your soft skills as well. Have specific examples the describe how you are the ideal candidate.

A touch of creativity

Even beyond skills, there are more questions about your personality and work ethic you can answer outside of your resume. Engage with the interviewers beyond only talking about yourself. Ask them about the company culture and what they are working on. Ask where they are struggling. Suggest a direction for their business or bring a new idea to the table. Show that you’re already thinking above just your own needs. Creativity and forward thinking are skills that you need to capitalize on.

An inquiring mind

Part of that creative thinking means coming prepared to the interview. You need to not just be ready to talk about yourself. You need to know what they’re doing and who they’re looking for. Do your research on the business before you set foot through the door. Be ready to talk about what they’ve achieved and what their goals are. There are few things quite as unimpressive as someone walking into a job interview for a job they know little about.

Until you get a job, you need to treat the search as your full-time employment. You can’t just show up and hope you’re already good enough. Keep working on yourself and keep your skill base growing.

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