Want to Start a Software Company? This Is What You Need to Know


In the mid-nineties, the Internet was opened up to general commercial use. This saw the beginning of the high-tech economic sector in the United States. We use the term “Silicon Valley” to refer to this sector, though it also refers to a specific place where many of these companies started.

Since then, the world of software has entranced many. If you’re looking to launch a software startup, here’s what you should know!

It’s not a quick road to riches

Stories about overnight millionaires emerging from software development are giving rise to some misconceptions. A lot of people think that successful software development is a way to get rich quick. This misconception is aided by the young ages of many entrepreneurs getting rich from apps. But none of them got rich “overnight”. They got to that place by learning how to program, and how to do it innovatively. I know it’s a cliché, but they got to where they are with hard work. Don’t think this is going to make you millions just by sitting at your computer with some code for a few hours!

You may have to learn some new skills

Of course, this should be something that excites you! You don’t really want to make it from now to the end of your life without having learned something new, right? If you want to succeed in any industry, you’re probably going to need to get yourself some new skills. That doesn’t mean you have to have degrees in any given subject to make it in software creation. But if you’ve not got much experience in computer science or business management, you my find yourself stuck. Even if you don’t plan on doing a lot of the hard software development yourself, it will be useful to know some of the basics. You should consider looking into computer programming tutors to boost your knowledge.

Consider spending more time in the software industry

You’ve probably heard several stories about people barely out of their teens making millions with their app or website. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, is probably the most famous example. But you’ve also got the creators of Snapchat, who were making waves with that app while in their early twenties. It may get you thinking that much hard industry experience isn’t required. And it’s not, exactly – but it’s very useful. The majority of people who find success in this field have experience working in software companies. They might be a business manager, or a developer, or they may even work in quality assurance. Some experience here will give you an edge.

The competition is fierce

Computer programming is no longer something that only a few “nerds” know how to do. That may have been the case back in the day. But the power of technology has dawned on more people than ever. These days, there are people who know how to code all over the place! And that means that the market is being pumped full of new software all the time. So you’re going to have to work very hard to come up with something that really stands out from the crowd.


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