Top Apps For Boosting Productivity


Smartphones are now a key part of our lives and are often a distraction when trying to get work done.

However, a new wave of top fresh applications that boost productivity have hit app stores on all platforms, ranging from organisation aids to smartphone scanners.

Here, we take a look at some of the best apps for work… 


This is one of the most popular productivity apps to download. Evernote is essentially a digital scrapbook which stores everything from photos, web pages, PDFs, audio files and notes that you can then access from any computer or smartphone.

Its selling point is its search function and ease of use.


This app is fantastic for freelancers and those who regularly submit invoices for payment.

The company claims to save users three hours on average each week and says its customers get paid seven days faster. It is quick and simple to use, without the hassle of chasing payments.


Sold as a “personal automation tool”, this iOS app has 100 functions to make everyday tasks much smoother. You can post photos to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in one step place. You can also make PDFs from web pages in Safari.

Where it really comes into its own, is the organization side. You can set up Uber rides, arrange meetings and everything in-between, saving you precious time. This very same principle is applied to so many websites in terms of interface and manageable usage. Lucky Nugget Casino, for example, exudes features with some useful tips here on how to win more and gives easy games to fit around your busy schedule in a user- and mobile-friendly format.


This is the most popular cloud-storage service around, Dropbox allows users to store, synchronise and share photos and files. Half of all Britain’s Small and medium-sized enterprises use the app. and it is used by one in four of all British web users.

A great feature is that if you lose your phone, your important data will be safe and secure.


If you’re too busy to read and article or watch a video, Pocket is the app for you; and it is a personal favorite of mine.

When you see an article or video that takes your fancy, but don’t have enough time to consume it now, simply touch the save to Pocket icon, and it will be there waiting for you when you get a few extra minutes.

The great thing is, you don’t even need an internet connection when using Pocket again later, although you will need online access to watch a video.


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