Superior Ways To Make Your Startup Unique!


Superior Ways To Make Your Startup Unique!

One of the main reasons that new businesses succeed is because they offer something unique from that of their competitors. They provide a service or product that isn’t currently available, so the business is an attractive option for potential customers. Therefore, it’s important that you make your business ‘unique’ if you want to have a thriving startup. Here are some superior ways to make your startup unique and stand out from the rest.

You need a unique selling point

One of the easiest ways you can make your startup unique is to make sure that you have a clear USP (Unique Selling Point or Proposition). You need to know exactly what your business does and how it’s going to do it. You need to know how your business adds value and makes it special.  If you don’t have a clear USP, then there is a good chance that your startup won’t work. As I have previously mentioned, you need to think about what makes stands you out from your competitors, and you need to be able to explain this in a clear and concise manner. You need to consider who your target audience / ideal customers are and how your product or service fulfills their needs. You have to be able to demonstrate how you can help solve a problem. Once you have a USP, make sure you stick to it and don’t differ from it when talking to potential clients.

You need a clear branding and identity

Another superior way to make your startup unique is to ensure that you have a clear branding and identity plan. Work with a design company to create your logo and make sure you get your name copyrighted so that no other company can use it. You need to put your logo on all your documents so that potential client knows who you are. If you haven’t created one, you can use this free logo maker of GraphicSprings. You will need to put your logo on all your documents so that potential client knows who you are. Be consistent in your all messaging (online and offline), color schemes, and the look and feel in everything you do. It’s a good idea to create some branding guidelines so your employees know exactly what the company does, and so that everyone speaks the same language when promoting your company.

You need to know what your competitors are doing

You can also make your startup unique by making sure you know what your competitors are doing (or not doing). Make sure you are researching exactly what they are offering. You may even want to set up Google alerts so that you are informed if they bring out new products. You should also keep an eye on competitors’ websites and their social media to see what’s working for them. If you know what they are doing, you can make your company unique by offering something else. You need to be able to inform clients what it is that makes you different (back to the USP) so they will want to go with you instead of a competitor. You may also want to conduct some market research. You could ask your target audience about the different products / services offered by your competitors and if they are meeting their needs. Good market research will help you know how to make your product / service unique.

You need to offer great customer service

Another superior way to make your startup unique is to ensure you are offering great customer service. Clients need to know if they decide to shop with you that they are being offered the best service possible. You need to make sure you ring or email clients back as soon as possible so it builds up their trust. Also, the rise of social media means we have a new way of keeping in touch with our clients. Use social media to communicate with them and keep them up to date about your unique products and service. Try and think of unique ways to get your message across on social media. As this post reveals, you really need to ensure you maintain your unique selling proposition. That way, customers will end up all using the same words to describe your brand when they talk about you.  Make sure you follow up with clients on social media quickly too. Even if it’s negative feedback, you need to respond to them as soon as possible to diffuse the situation, and work with them to find the best solution.

Make sure you offer them a great price with a guarantee

You can also make your startup unique by making sure you offer your services at a reasonable price. Look at how much your competitors are offering similar products for, and consider how much you could sell yours for. Remember it still needs to be excellent quality for it to sell well. It is a good idea to offer some kind of guarantee with your service so that customers know they can come back to you if they have an issue.

Make sure customers have different ways to access your service

You can also make your startup unique, by making sure that you offer as many ways as possible for customers to access your service. Your website should be optimized for mobile viewing, so that people can look at it while they are on the go with their smartphones. Your contact information and the businesses hours should also be posted on your website. If you can include a map of your location that also makes it easier for people to find you.

Good luck with your startup!

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