Had An Accident At Work? 4 Steps To Take


Accidents happen and, more often than not, they are usually preventable. If accidents happen at work, there can be serious consequences. Especially if it was a result of a dangerous workplace. In cases like these, it is important to know your rights as a worker. Then you can take the appropriate steps to getting any treatment and compensation that you are entitled to. Not sure what you need to do after an accident at work? Read on to find out more.

Prevent It

Before anything happens in the workplace, make sure your office or workplace is a safe working environment. You employer will need to follow health and safety rules to ensure that all his or her staff are following safety protocols, using protective equipment when necessary, and providing appropriate is training. Is your employer blatantly disregarding these rules and requirements? Then don’t be afraid to become a whistleblower and notify the proper people within the organization. Unfortunately, sometimes it may require you to report a serious issue to the authorities. Some bosses won’t be pleased about this and may take action against you. Legal firms such as Celler Legal will look after your case, should your boss take you to court for whistleblowing. What’s important though, is for organizations to create an environment in which it is safe to work on a daily basis, so none of the above happens in the first place. A safe working environment helps to create a better workplace culture and happier employees.

Report It

As soon as an accident occurs, you need to report it right away. In every office and workplace across the country, there should be an incident or accidents book. If someone has an accident, then it should be documented in this book straight away. Even if it is a small accident that may not need medical attention right away, it needs to be recorded. Keeping a record helps the employer when they need to revisit certain health and safety procedures and creates a better the work environment. If accidents keep occurring in the same space, then they will know there is something that they need to improve on. But the accident book also serves as somewhere to record evidence, in the event of the case being taken to court or for compensation for time off work.

Who Is Responsible?

Next, responsibility should be determined. Was the accident the fault of you or your employer? If you are to blame, then depending on where you reside, you may not receive any compensation for lost time.

Circumstances may depend on where the accident happened. If you had an accident while driving a company vehicle it is always good to get some legal advice. So why not look up Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City or something similar to where you are located.

However, you should still get your time off to recover from an injury, regardless. If your employer is to blame because of negligence or because they broke health and safety regulations, then you can claim compensation for lost time at work. The easiest way to do this is to get them to admit their fault. If they don’t, then you might end up facing them in court.

The Legal Battle

If you have documented your accident and follow the proper procedures (which can vary from country to country), then you should be able to reach a reasonable and fair settlement in your favor. Remember to take the accident book, as this counts as valuable evidence. If you had to see a doctor because of injuries sustained during your accident, take their medical forms and diagnoses. The more evidence you can gather to show that your employer is responsible, the better your case will look. If you come out of the court case successful, you will probably receive compensation for time lost, medical bills and depending on the circumstance maybe even an additional amount. Your employer might even have to settle your legal fees or pay a fine.

Don’t despair if you have an accident at work; it does happen occasionally and there are steps you can take to help make sure you recover properly. Look into health and safety regulations in your area. Being and informed employee is always a good idea.

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